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The Palin Treatment

A lot has been said in the waning days of the McCain Campaign about Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.  From being a diva to being a dummy, she’s been accused of just about everything.  When the McCain/Palin ticket fell short on Election Day, the finger pointing from the McCain camp at Palin was even worse.  So let’s chronicle her tenure in national politics, and then tell me the coverage was fair.

She was announced on Friday, August 29 in Dayton, Ohio.  Immediately the pundits and the media pointed to her inexperience in her job as Governor.  She was Alaska’s chief executive for almost two years, she regulated oil and gas previously, and was the mayor of her home town.  Her tenure of being an executive was 12 years.  However, folks questioned her capability to run the national government, overlooking the other party’s top dog had no experience running anything ever.

In the aftermath of her announcement as the VP candidate, swarms of reporters scurried up to Alaska to dig up dirt.  What they found, or the lack of it, was manifested in the dominating story from the announcement to the convention, her daughter Bristol.  It became public that her daughter was pregnant and the father was not married to Palin’s daughter.  This error on the part of Bristol Palin was all the media needed, or had, on her mother.  They tagged her as an unfit mother, and a trailer trash hillbilly.

This brought up an issue that had a refrain during her entire VP run, how could she be a mother of five and still be Vice-President?  This act of blatant sexism went unnoticed by the media who played along with the charade.  Her answer was obvious to many, she would raise her children the same way that Barack Obama would raise his, or Joe Biden would raise his, or any other working mom or dad on the planet would raise their children.  Apparently, the media had a 1950’s flashback to when women just stayed home to watch the kids.  Perhaps Todd Palin should have been the VP.

She proved many of her doubters wrong in her Convention speech.  However, many were not amused.  Members of the major networks were chomping at the bit to get an interview with Palin.  ABC’s Charlie Gibson got the coveted interview.  And with a professor’s attitude, with his glasses propped on the end of his nose, Gibson threw questions at her like it was an oral exam.  The most notable response was on her supposed non-answer on the “Bush Doctrine”.  Palin requested he be more specific.  When he was, it was obvious that even he did not know what the doctrine was.  In truth, the “Bush Doctrine” was a loose term dubbed by Charles Krauthammer before 9-11.  Only after 9-11, and the Iraq war, was the term superseded onto the right of preemptive war.  This encounter was used to justify another media thrashing because she was now seen as inexperienced and stupid.

Then there was Katie Couric.  Couric’s interview gave another choice statement from Palin, her comment about seeing Russia from Alaska.  This was used as an argument that she has no experience in foreign affairs.  However, could any of these journalists cite the foreign policy experience of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, who were all Governors before taking the oath of office?  Governors don’t have any foreign policy credentials.  Again, she was held to an extremely higher standard for a VP candidate than any other candidate in recent memory.

All of this was made a comedic spectacle of by Tina Fey.  Fey’s performance, while uncanny, was fuel for the image of this former beauty queen, Alaskan bimbo, who blurts out Sean Hannity’s talking points on a daily basis.

On to the money that was spent on her clothes.  Again, an obvious sexist controversy, but still pushed down the people’s throat.  The RNC spent a whopping $150,000 on the clothes.  But let’s not forget where they are today at this moment, donated to charity.  Palin rightfully said that those clothes are like the stage, the lights, and the water.  They were just props to enhance her image.  If the media wanted to play fair, why haven’t we found out how much Joe Biden’s hair plugs were?

Other controversies included the “troopergate” scandal of which she was cleared of all wrong doing and ethics violations, and her “diva” or “rogue” behavior of which is only substantiated by unnamed sources from bitter McCain staffers.

Overall, what was her real crime that started this whole thing?  She wasn’t one of “them”.  She wasn’t a Washington insider.  She wasn’t on the media’s VP shortlist.  She wasn’t an elitist who sipped her champagne at a cocktail party. 

She was a normal mother, who cherished and exercised her 2nd amendment right, who was a conservative, and who is a threat to everything the Washington elite holds dear.  She is principled, yet pragmatic when needed, the perfect combination for leadership.  Plus she could draw tens of thousands of average, everyday Americans, energize them, and inspire them.  For all of that she has been dubbed a threat.  She was open for any sexist, double standard, unfairness that the media wanted to dish out.  But the great thing about her is that she’ll be back.  She’ll go right back into the lion’s den, and she may just exit through the door to the oval office.



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Election Night 2008-Live!!!

081030_whitehouse_parnes  08

Welcome to The Teen Conservative Blog’s Election Night live blog…

(All Times Central)

-I’ll start around 7 pm… Stay tuned…

5:01-T-minus one hour before first polls close…

5:26- Early results from Kentucky and Maine.  Less than 1% in.  McCain ahead in Kentucky & Maine for Obama.

5:33-Here’s a sample of the TTC Electoral Map…


From of

6:00-Kentucky goes McCain and Vermont goes Obama.  So early on, it’s 8-3 McCain.

6:03-Mark Warner wins Senate seat in Virginia.

6:15-Indiana too close, Virginia too early to call.

6:20-Florida coming in… under 1% reporting.

6:21-Drudge has Senate Dems predicting 58 seats.  Not a super majority, but a couple of RINO votes away from a filibuster proof Senate.

6:25- Fox has West Virginia for McCain, so do I.  13-3 McCain

6:30-North Carolina too close, Ohio too close to call.

6:34-West Virginia back to neutral on Fox.

6:36-NBC says Obama “leading” in Ohio early…

6:38- Fox puts West Virginia back to McCain, Obama takes Biden’s Delaware

          13-6 McCain in EC.

6:42-Fox’s EC Map is going in and out with states.

6:46-NBC calls South Carolina for McCain.  New total from TTC—21-6 McCain.

7:02- Oh my God… NBC says Pennsylvania goes to Obama.  New Hampshirefor Obama.

7:06-Also, Obama gets Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, DC, New Jersey, Connecticut.

7:08-McCain gets Tennessee, Oklahoma.

7:10- Morning Joe on NBC said it best, “the needle gets thinner”.  Basically, with Penn, and NH gone, McCain needs to run the table in all the red states.  If he loses any one of them, it’s over.  Heaven help McCain/Palin now.  Score= Obama 103, McCain 39.

7:16- New Hampshire Senate-Jeanne Shaheene unseats GOP.  New Dem. Senator.

7:21-With a lull- Now McCain’s shot at the Presidency is very thin.  With Penn. going so quickly, Obama seems to have those Hillary voters or Reagan Democrats.  This does not bode well for the rest of the night.  I hate to say it, but I may get to go to bed tonight (not morning) with President elect Obama.  Again, pray…

7:29-McCain wins Alabama.

7:31-McCain leads in Virginia, still too close to call.

7:32-North Carolina Senate- Dole loses to Kay Hagen.  New Dem. Senator.  Now Dem +3 in Senate.

7:36-McCain gets Georgia and Arkansas.

7:40- Bad news in the show me state.  My own state of Missouri goes Jay Nixon for Governor of my state.

7:48-Here’s how I see the other toss-ups.  Interestingly, Virginia and Indiana are not going Obama’s way as of yet.  McCain is ahead in those.  But North Carolina and Florida are the opposite.  Obama ahead but still too close to call.  McCain needs all four to stay alive, stay tuned.

7:52- I concur with US news, even if Obama wins tonight, it’s anything but a blowout.  At least we can rob him of a mandate.

7:54- Obama leak seems they’re concerned about Minnesota, possibly closer than first thought.  Watch for a miracle…

7:57-Big states coming at 8 pm…

8:01-McCain wins Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming.  Obama wins, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island.  Score= Obama 175, McCain 76.

8:12- McCain’s “needle” still threadable.  With the upper Midwest now for Obama, McCain no longer can pick off Kerry States.  This race is all about Obama flipping Bush States.  However, the glimmer of hope is that McCain has a shot at Virginia, Indiana, and Florida.  Also a half way shot in Florida.  He needs to completely thread the needle.  Hope goes on.

8:18- BTW, National popular vote is wire thin close.

8:23- It may be over now, Ohio goes to Obama according to NBC.

8:26- McCain wins Louisiana.

8:28- Chuck Todd over at NBC has dubbed it the paint drip.  If you look up north at the upper Midwest and Northeast, Obama has the blue paint and the question is, where will the paint drip next?  McCain is out of options, he now must call on divine intervention or a network epic fail, the likes of 2000, to win this election.

8:31- Day of reckoning is upon us.  New Mexico for Obama.  Score= 200-85 Obama leads.

8:34- Here’s the map…


8:38- West VA. goes McCain.  New Mexico Senate- Udall (D) wins) Dems +4 in Senate.  Good news for Kentucky Senate, McConnell survives his reelection.

8:40- Here’s the math, Obama has 200, California+Washington+Hawaii= 270.

Sorry folks, the American people have elected Barack Obama as President of the United States.

8:45-On the “I don’t care” front, Ralph Nader concedes.

8:47-Texas goes McCain.

8:57-Arizona still hasn’t gone for McCain.

8:58-Mississippi for McCain.  More states to come at the top of the hour…

9:00-Utah for McCain, Iowa goes Obama.

9:04-Other states-Obama leads in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia.  McCain leads by 9,000 votes in Indiana, leads also in Missouri.

9:19-With the outcome of the election no longer in doubt, I’d like to make a few judgements.  One being, as I said above, no matter who we elected tonight there would be history.  We cannot overlook the fact that one of the only positive things to come out of tonight is the barrier that the US has broken.  Not just that we elected a black man, but, as Byron York wrote, race was a non-factor, if not a help to Obama.  In my judgement, I don’t want to here another word from Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc, that we are a racist nation.  I, by and large didn’t believe it, and now I am vindicated.

9:25-This is not all about me or my feelings.  This nation has taken a huge step today.  Amazingly though, it wasn’t based on race, it was based on the economy.

9:36- Overall though, I’m not afraid of Obama because he is black, I never was, but I’m afraid for our nation tonight because Barack Obama’s policies are undoubtedly socialist.  His foreign policy was absolutely naive to the max.

       I would also like to say that overall, at this moment, I and we all must take in this historic moment in awe.  This is American history in the making.  America has elected a black man to be President of the United States and that fact alone should make you feel optimistic about the future.  But make no mistake, I will fight him every step of the way due to his policies and beliefs. 

9:37-McCain wins South Dakota.  Score 207-138 Obama.

9:51-McCain wins Nebraska.  Score 207-143 Obama. 

9:55- Unbelievable-John Murtha has been reelected after calling his district racist rednecks.  Astonishing.

9:57- At the top of the hour, we may have an official call of America’s first black President, Barack Obama.

10:00-There it is.

Illinios Senator Barack Obama is the 44th Presdient of the United States.

Obama wins California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii, goes over 270.


-Virginia also for Obama as well…

From ABC…


McCain concedes…

Colorado=Obama—Obama over 300 EV…

Florida for Obama…

McCain speaks…  (tears in his eyes)

10:30-McCain wins home state of Arizona. Score= 333-157 Obama.

10:34-Senate=Dems. +5

10:36-Nevada for Obama.

10:40-Obama to speak near top of the hour…

11:06-President Elect Obama speaks to nation from Chicago, Illinois…

“The new dawn of American leadership has come”-Obama

“The Patriot” theme music plays in the background…

11:26-Speech concludes…

The states of Alaska, Montana, Indiana, North Carolina, and my own Missouri are still not called.

Best line of the night- Obama called out America’s enemies saying “We will defeat you.”


I will almost never agree with Barack Obama, but this man, at this time, is now my President, and I will try to treat him as such.  He wanted to be in charge of the economy, he’s got it.  He wanted to be commander in chief, he is now.  Good luck, President-Elect Obama, good luck.

More coverage tommorow…stay tuned…



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The Final Argument for McCain/Palin 2008

Here’s the file that I wrote… if-you-want-someone-who.

I strongly urge you to vote for Senator John McCain to lead our nation.


Here’s the Official TTC entrance/exit poll…


Be sure to come back to The Teen Conservative Blog on Election Night, November 4, 2008 for live, up to the second coverage of the selection of the 44th President of the United States.

See you Election Night…


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6 Days Left-Obama TV

Here’s your election update…

-Obama TV schedule HERE. (Remember: 30 lies in 30 minutes)

-New polls have race tightening HERE.

-Obama anti-Palin ad HERE.

-Khalidi tape controversy HERE.

-McCain’s fired up speech HERE.


Election Night Coverage Tuesday, November 4, 2008- 8/7 Central.

See you tomorrow…


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Election Countdown: 8 Days Left

Big stuff going on, and there’s eight days to go…

Palin noose story HERE.

Pictures of this “display”…


Biden’s tough interview from Florida HERE.

Here’s the Obama redistributive policy from 2001…


Here’s my Pelosi question…

We’ll see if my question gets picked.

Here’s the McCain chant…

See you Wednesday…


PS-Remember, Election Night special!!!!

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VP Debate Review

Overall: Palin wins solidly.

Monday- My McCain wake-up call.

Tuesday- Townhall debate preview.

See you then…


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The VP Debate Watch Party

Here are the pictures and videos from last night…

Picture slide show…

Assorted Video Pre-Palin (+ debate pics)…

Palin Arrives…

Palin Speech

Part 2-Interupted by Code Pink (aka- smelly, unattractive, women’s club)

TTC on the Ropeline (the bus + Palin’s father)


There you go…

Watch for a Debate review soon…


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