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The Final Argument for McCain/Palin 2008

Here’s the file that I wrote… if-you-want-someone-who.

I strongly urge you to vote for Senator John McCain to lead our nation.


Here’s the Official TTC entrance/exit poll…


Be sure to come back to The Teen Conservative Blog on Election Night, November 4, 2008 for live, up to the second coverage of the selection of the 44th President of the United States.

See you Election Night…



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5 Days To Go

(Video to come)

-ABC’s bin Laden Exclusive HERE.

-al-Qeada wants GOP to lose.  Story HERE.

-Obama’s infomercial distortion HERE.


TTC Schedule

Friday, 10-31– “Other Races to Watch” (Senate, House, Governor)

Monday, 11-3– TTC’s Closing Argument

Tuesday, 11-4– TTC’s Election Coverage, 8/7 Central Time (site thread).

See you tommorow…


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3 to See: July 18, 2008

 Okay, installment 2 of “3 to See”…

#1-Israelis break up assassination plot

From: Reuters.

Apparently, six Arab men were accused today of trying to form an al-Qaeda terror cell in Israel, and then use it to shoot down Pres. Bush’s helicopter when he came.  From what I see, the plan was not all that far in terms of planning, however, it does show that we are still at war with these people.  One of the suspects used his cell phone to video helicopters taking off and then others enquired on al-Qaeda trafficked websites about how to shoot down a chopper.  Again, the plot was in it’s infancy.

#2- McCain Goes Negative

Yesterday this…

and today…

Sen. John McCain is now going negative in his race with Barack Obama.  The first video outlines Obama’s flip flops on Iraq, and the second attacks him for not funding the troops.  Both of these ads are completely true, as opposed to the DNC ad that misquoted McCain’s “Hundred years” comment.  My only criticism, the announcer sounds wimpy in the second ad.  It reminds me of Obama’s commercials.  There’s that wimpy guy saying how Obama is so great.  I liked McCain’s ad called “Love”, in which he has a James Earl Jones-like announcer and it made he and his life story sound tough.

# 3-Veepstakes!!!

Courtesy: Washington Post Politics blog.

In their weekly top five for veep contenders, Chris Cillizza lays out an interesting five for Obama and McCain.  For Obama, the top two picks would help geographically and politically.  Sen. Bayh was a Governor and Senator, and he’s from Indiana, a state that Obama will try to pick off.  Gov. Kaine helps more with his state.  He’ll make Virginia even more of a toss-up or maybe lean Obama.

McCain’s top five features two of my top picks.  I like Gov. Sarah Palin for veep because she is a Governor, and a rising star in the Republican party.  Her gender also plays a factor.  He and Gov. Bobby Jindal could share a ticket one day.  My top pick is Gov. Mitt Romney.  He helps in so many ways: Geographically-Was Governor next to New Hampshire, born in Michigan, and helps out west because of his Mormon faith, plus his tenure at the Olympics.

So there you go, your 3 to see today.

Please feel free to comment and explore the site.


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New Feature: 3 to See

Today, I’m launching a new feature on TTC, the “3 to see”.  It’s basically three of the top stories I’ve seen on that particular day and then my commentary on them.  I’ll try to have at least one election related story, one foreign story, and one domestic, however this may not always be the case.  I’ll usually update them around 3:30-4 PM CST.  every day.

I’ll also, from time to time have one of my long analysis posts which may overlap the “3 to see”.


#1-Chris Mathews denies reality

Credit: Newsbusters

Mathhews’ idiocy isn’t really a shock of course, but to recap, Mathews argues with Pat Buchanan about Iraq.  But what’s even more baffling is how Mathews denies the surge has worked in any category.  This is worse than out of touch, this is plain stupid.  May I point out that a-violence is down about 75% since the surge reached full strength, now Afghanistan is a deadlier war, and b-the media didn’t cover this one a lot, but now the Iraqi government was graded “satisfactory” on 15 of the 18 “benchmarks” set out by Congress.  So please Chris, don’t tell me the surge has failed, because whoever does say that is either painfully negligent, or just plain dumb.

#2- The Cartoon of Death


Now, is Obama this hypersensitive?  We all know (or we all should know) by now that Barack isn’t a Muslim.  I think the jury is still out on Michelle’s character, but she isn’t the character that the cover makes her out to be.  But guess what, it’s COMEDY.  I never took the New Yorker seriously anyway.  It’s not like they’re the bastion of conservatism for goodness sake.  My take: Get over it.

#3- Israel’s “Trade”

Courtesy Hotair.

Israel today swapped five Hezbollah terrorists for two captured Israelis.  However, the two Israelis were dead and the five terrorists were alive.  Now, I don’t know why Israel agreed to this.  It’s obviously not a fair trade, and since when did they negotiate with terrorists?  The Hotair post shows the crimes that one of the five committed.  Utterly unbelievable.  And to release them for two corpses, I don’t know about that.  All I can say is that the War on Terror has taken a dark turn with this one.

So there were the “3 to see” for today.  I’ll be doing this as close to daily as I can.  Keep checking the Youtube channel and the 08 Bloggers Network.


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The Liberal Plan on Terrorism

I think it’s necessary to understand the ideology of my enemies. No, I don’t mean al-Qaeda, I mean the liberal Democrat party. They have big plans for when they have control of the White House and Congress. So let’s explore their ideas for the War on Terror, abroad and here at home, through a made up yet possible terrorist attack scenario.

First, let’s say al-Qaeda gets a hold of a nuclear weapon. They would obviously want to detonate it in Manhattan. So this is where the story begins.

First on the liberal’s agenda is a withdrawal in some way from Iraq. This would obviously create a vacuum of power resulting in thousands if not millions of deaths of civilians. On top of that Iraq would become a hotbed for Iran in the south, Turkey to the North, and al-Qaeda to the west. From here al-Qaeda would have an Afghanistan like base from which they could launch an attack. So Iraq’s western province is where al-Qaeda’s nuclear weapon is shipped. Nobody would find it because there would be zero law enforcers.

The next item on the list for liberals is the closing of Quantanamo Bay. Then, many enemy combatants will be subject to the American legal system in which many of their detentions could very well be released. Let’s say one of the terror leaders is freed and books a one way ticket to…you guessed it, Iraq, where he and his cell continue work on the nuclear device.

Next on the liberal agenda is the permanent opening of the U.S.-Mexico border. With very few border agents to control a 2,000 mile border, let’s say al-Qaeda ships the nuke to Mexico. Then using some anti-American Latino gangs they smuggle the nuke into the United States.

Some of you may say, “Never fear, we will easily find the nuke here.” That may be, now. But once the liberals abolish the PATRIOT Act, law enforcement officials will be under strict rules not to enter any property without a warrant, or due suspicion.

So let’s say the nuke is then assembled and ready for use. The last piece of the puzzle is when the attack date is being set. The attack’s leader calls the Middle East to inform an al-Qaeda agent when the day is. But with the liberal’s in power, there will be no NSA eavesdropping of calls, so the call is made and not monitored.

From there, there is nothing we can do. The terrorists would most likely get the nuke to New York and detonate it. This kind of an attack would bring America to its knees. With our financial capitol gone, it would send this nation and much of the world into a deep depression, from which we may never recover.

All of this may very well happen. It may seem like a far out scenario, but it is not just a possibility, it could be underway. In a new book, “The Day of Islam”, author Paul Williams explains that al-Qaeda has already acquired nuclear devices and is aiming at the Mexican border for a way to them it in. He also explains that bin Laden has already commissioned a leader for the plot, the air-apparent to Muhammad Atta. His name is Adnan Gulshair el-Shkrijumah. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen and speaks fluent English, Arabic, and Spanish. Many government officials say he is the most dangerous person in the western world.

My point is not that liberals are evil or want a nuke to go off. I am saying that their policies would create the atmosphere where an attack is more likely. This is the main debate in this country. How do you balance civil rights and national security? My point is again, not to say I want all people stripped of their civil liberties, but to point out that civil liberties are meaningless when you are dead. All of this is why the liberal policies invoked by Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama need to be challenged and defeated. And that’s all I want, either they see the error in their deeds, or they need to be marginalized.

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Nature of the Threat

If I were to ask you who attacked us on 9-11, you would probably say terrorists or al-Qaeda, and you would be right. But the mainstream press and other powerful people are not encouraging you to think deeper. Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden only scratch the surface of the true nature of the threat.

First though, before I begin I would like to remind you that this article is about radical Muslim terrorists. It does not represent mainstream Islam. Whenever I use the word “they” I am referring to the radical element and not the entire religion of Islam. There are many Muslims in the United States, and most all of them are good, law abiding people.

Many citizens of the United States believe 9-11 was only an attack on the United States and its policies. But that would not explain the bombings in Britain, Spain, France, India, Israel, and many others. President Bush defines it as “the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century” and he is closer to the truth.

Actually, the true nature of the threat lies in the Middle East culture, a culture of hate. Young people like you and me are being taught to hate all westerners. I learned this from a special that aired on CNN a few months ago, “Exposed: The Extremist Agenda”. Host Glenn Beck aired footage that few in the U.S. have seen. Children as young as three being taught that Jewish people are decedents of apes and pigs. Children in elementary school being taught that martyrdom should be their goal in life. But the most shocking thing is that the children believe it and espouse it in public. On a day in Iran called Jerusalem Day, radical Iranians come to protest the Jewish state. But the Jews are not the only topic. On Iranian TV, a newscaster, live at the parade spoke to a boy that looked about nine years old. He asked “What is today?” The boy responded joyfully, “Jerusalem Day!” The newsman asks, “What did you come for?” The boy responded, “We came to do the ‘Death to America’ thing.” The “Death to America” thing is very common, especially in Iran. Many people gather and echo a leader chanting “Death to America”. Then that is often followed by “Death to Israel” and “Death to Great Britain”. It is hard to even describe the scene of thousands chanting their hatred for our country.

Not only are the children being indoctrinated, but the mass population is as well. On a reliable website called MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, there are over 1,300 clips from Middle East television. On nightly news programs, reporters report on the news of the day which is similar to our news. But on these programs there is a fundamental bias in the facts. Most bad news is blamed on Israel, the United States, or even democracy in general. The reports also attack western business. For example, in a story from Iran, it cited that the Pepsi and Coke soda company’s profits are going to Israel to topple the Iranian government. This is obviously false, but the reporter presents the story and its claims as true fact. Now you may be asking, “You’re just pointing out one station, this can’t be every one?” Well, in the Middle East there is only one news station in a country, and it is run by the government. So if the news tells you something, you have no reason to believe otherwise.

This indoctrination translates into hatred for western governments and culture. In some cases it also leads to violence and war. Brigitte Gabriel, a woman who grew up in Lebanon, and lived through their civil war in the 1970’s and 80’s, even wrote a book about the barbaric behavior she witnessed. She writes in her book, that once some Palestinian terrorists ran into a near by bomb shelter, found a mother, father and a little baby. They took the baby and tied one leg to the mother, and one to the father, and pulled them apart killing the baby. On another occasion a mother was found by the terrorists and forced to behead her only son, and then watch as other Palestinians raped her two daughters in front of her. This is only a sampling of the barbaric nature of these terrorists. This is a sampling of what they would do to any of us if they could.

Some may call it an overreaction to define the War on Terror as World War III, but I don’t. When you only count the major three terrorist groups, al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, they have murdered over 4,900 people combined, and wounded over 13,000, and these are only the documented incidents. The countries they have attacked include the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Britain, France, Italy, Jordan, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, Kuwait, Denmark, Argentina, Spain, Lebanon, and numerous others. So it is not the U.S. vs. the terrorists, it is the world vs. the terrorists.

But I’ll take it one step further. The terrorists glorify death to make it seem better than life. They want to convince young children that their life here is horrible and heaven is more desirable. You can call this war what you want, but in my opinion, this war is life vs. death. And if you don’t believe that, just listen to the words of Osama bin Laden, “We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the big difference between us.”

The Teen Conservative

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