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3 to See: McCain Ahead?, GOP Protest, Gas Prices

   All branches of government are on today’s 3 to See.

#1- McCain Rising

According to Rasmussen, John McCain is leading Barack Obama by one percent, if you take into account leaners.  This may be a result of Obama’s Berlin love-fest, and/or Obama injecting race into the race for the White House (and yes, Obama injected it).  About the race debate, Obama said the following in Jacksonville…

The McCain camp ignored that.  They did not however, ignore this…

Now, I don’t think there is any question that Obama played it first.  He said it pretty plainly in Jacksonville, and reiterated it in Missouri.  Even David Axelrod admitted he was talking race.  So, it’s pretty obvious that the more race comes into the campaign, the worse it is for Obama.  This was played out by the Rev. Wright controversy, and it is playing out now.  The polls are beginning to swing, and it’s due to energy, arrogance, and race.

#2- House of Reps: Lights Out, Protest On.

It started Friday when the Democratic majority tried to adjourn for their summer break.

This is a great example of political theater and it keeps getting better.  The House GOP is continuing the protest today and every day that the Pelosi Dems won’t come back.  I wonder how long they’ll keep this up.  The more they talk energy and the Dems refusal to vote on it, the less chance there is of a Democrat tsunami in November.  I agreed with Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana in his call on President Bush to call a special session of Congess.  Now Bush says he won’t do it.  I disagree however that doesn’t stop Rep. Boehner and Co. to continue their protest.  Boehner has a live blog right now HERE 

I would call all readers who have Democratic Reps. and/ or Senators, to call them and demand them back.  Keep pushing.

#3-Obama’s “new” Energy Plan

Basically, this plan takes a windfall profits tax (tried and failed under Pres. Carter), combines it with conservation (Also tried and failed, also fails to stimulate economy) and that equals… a failed plan.  I’ve already posted on why gas prices are high.  Nothing in the Obama plan will “solve” the problem.  It will only prolong it (conservation), or make it worse (taxing oil).  Overall, typical Democrat demonetization of “Big Oil” (I HATE that term) and big business.

Oh yeah, and he is also in the proccess of flipping on oil drilling.  (Flip-Flop watch)

There you go.  Remember: Call your reps….!!!!!!!!



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