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3 to See Returns!!!-Polls, Palin, Obama ad

Here’s my video 3 to see… In two parts…

Here’s the Obama ad that’s filled with lies…

There you go…

Keep checking in on TTC…




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3 to See: Obama, DNC


I’ll have a big announcement tomorrow…



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Video Post: 3 to see w/ VP Predictions

My posts will be less frequent due to school, but don’t stop reading the posts.  Keep visiting and commenting.

My official Vice-Presidential picks are…

For Obama (who will go first)…

1-Deleware Sen. Joe Biden

2-Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine

3-Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh

For McCain…

1-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty

2-Fmr. Pennsylvania Gov. & DHS Sec. Tom Ridge

3-Fmr. Massachusets Gov. Mitt Romney


Let’s see how they turn out.


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3 to See: Youtube Edition!!!

For the first time ever, The Teen Conservative has a 3 to See on video…

Part 1…

Part 2…

Also, since video making is a little more time consuming than written posts, I will have to lower the frequency of the video posts.  However, if I need to get a quick word in, I’ll post in written form.

Keep reading…


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3 to See: McCain Ahead?, GOP Protest, Gas Prices

   All branches of government are on today’s 3 to See.

#1- McCain Rising

According to Rasmussen, John McCain is leading Barack Obama by one percent, if you take into account leaners.  This may be a result of Obama’s Berlin love-fest, and/or Obama injecting race into the race for the White House (and yes, Obama injected it).  About the race debate, Obama said the following in Jacksonville…

The McCain camp ignored that.  They did not however, ignore this…

Now, I don’t think there is any question that Obama played it first.  He said it pretty plainly in Jacksonville, and reiterated it in Missouri.  Even David Axelrod admitted he was talking race.  So, it’s pretty obvious that the more race comes into the campaign, the worse it is for Obama.  This was played out by the Rev. Wright controversy, and it is playing out now.  The polls are beginning to swing, and it’s due to energy, arrogance, and race.

#2- House of Reps: Lights Out, Protest On.

It started Friday when the Democratic majority tried to adjourn for their summer break.

This is a great example of political theater and it keeps getting better.  The House GOP is continuing the protest today and every day that the Pelosi Dems won’t come back.  I wonder how long they’ll keep this up.  The more they talk energy and the Dems refusal to vote on it, the less chance there is of a Democrat tsunami in November.  I agreed with Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana in his call on President Bush to call a special session of Congess.  Now Bush says he won’t do it.  I disagree however that doesn’t stop Rep. Boehner and Co. to continue their protest.  Boehner has a live blog right now HERE 

I would call all readers who have Democratic Reps. and/ or Senators, to call them and demand them back.  Keep pushing.

#3-Obama’s “new” Energy Plan

Basically, this plan takes a windfall profits tax (tried and failed under Pres. Carter), combines it with conservation (Also tried and failed, also fails to stimulate economy) and that equals… a failed plan.  I’ve already posted on why gas prices are high.  Nothing in the Obama plan will “solve” the problem.  It will only prolong it (conservation), or make it worse (taxing oil).  Overall, typical Democrat demonetization of “Big Oil” (I HATE that term) and big business.

Oh yeah, and he is also in the proccess of flipping on oil drilling.  (Flip-Flop watch)

There you go.  Remember: Call your reps….!!!!!!!!


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ONE (?) to See: Race on Race, Spawns Nastiness

Because of my longer post on Barack Obama today, there really is only one other thing to see.  In the past few days the campaign has gotten ugly.  John McCain is finally following the advice of conservatives.  He’s drawing the contrasts.  It is a proven fact that negative ads that draw contrasts between candidates work.  So here are some newbies…

One more little tidbit…

It’s over seven and a half minutes, so be warned…


Don’t forget to scroll down and chack out my Obama post.


Unless big news breaks, I’ll be back Monday with 3 to See. (All 3, I promise)


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3 to See: Celebrity Edition!!!

  Okay, suddenly the ’08 race has turned to Hollywood.  Here’s your 3 to See.

#1- Obama-wood

John McCain has another negative ad on Barack Obama today.  This time, he compares him with other intellectuals like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.  He then hits him on gas prices and his opposition to offshore drilling.

Again, this ad highlights Obama’s messiah-like obsession by Europe.  This ad is completely true.  I’ve seen lately that McCain is finally hitting Obama on his frankly, ludicrous (see #2) policies.  It’s a welcome change from the “I’m running a positive campaign” pledge.  The Obama camp responded with humor as well…

“On a day when major news organizations across the country are taking Senator McCain to task for a steady stream of false, negative attacks, his campaign has launched yet another. Or, as some might say, ‘Oops! He did it again.’ Our dependence on foreign oil is one of the greatest challenges we face. “

Ha, Ha. 

#2-The Obama Rap

Well, I thought it might happen.  And…it did… (mild content warning)

Aside from insulting Hillary Clinton and McCain, this is a normal Ludacris rap.  There’s not much I can say on this other than a prediction: A growing consensus will accuse McCain supporters and/or McCain himself of being racist.  For the record, I have no problem with a black President, I just don’t want this black male to be President. 

Here’s my personal story, I put up a Youtube video isolating Obama saying “but…but…but…” just for comedic purposes.  Some comments on that video became very bigoted and racist and I took the video down.  I think you have plenty of things to criticize Obama over (like his policies), so dipping down to that level doesn’t help either side in this political race.

#3-Bush= Truman?

From Prospect Magazine.

The premise of the piece is that President Bush will be seen as a Harry Truman-type President.  I came to that conclusion a few months ago when I was thinking about the subject.  Usually, my criteria for judging Presidents is that there must be at least twenty years between the Presidents time in office and now.  that would end with Reagan today.  Of those 40 presidents, here are my top five…

       1. Abe Lincoln

       2.  George Washington

       3. Ronald Reagan

       4. FDR (Mostly for WWII)

       5. Teddy Roosevelt

I don’t know where Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 will stand in twenty years.  But I could see President Bush being a Truman-like President.  He is faced with a new war and sets a policy for it that many think is a failure.  But after about forty years, people remember him as a great President.  This is what Bush believes of himself, that he will be vindicated in the window of history.

So, there you have it.  See you tomorrow.  Go Cardinals.


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