Hi. I am “The Teen Conservative” and I created this blog because I see a lack of interest among teens and/or the younger generation about current events or politics.
I am 17 years old from St. Louis, Missouri and I am conservative. I am, what I like to call, fair and biased. Every thing I post will be through my teenage conservative perspective.

I encourage comments and debate among readers and with me.

Finally, I do not have a set time I will write something. I do have school you know!! So the frequency of my posts will not be weekly, monthly, or any other time frame. It all depends on the news and my level of opinion on it.  I am aiming to get a semi-daily post regiment started.

Feel free to roam to my current and older posts if you are new to this site.  Please comment!!!  My aim is to make this site popular and informative.  I’ll gladly take suggestions about the site.  That’s how to make the site better.

I hope you enjoy a more youthful opinion about the news. It is my pleasure to share my opinion with you.


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  1. theteenconservative


  2. Richard Smith

    Hey, I just watched the Sarah Palin St. Louis video and it was amazing.

    Remember me? The one in the suit who’s arm kept popping up in your camera? Yeah, it’s me. E-mail me sometime and let me know what’s up.

    You’re a great American.

  3. Richard Smith

    Almost forgot.

    You’re turn. Do you know who Aaron Schock is?? He is a man running for the House of Representatives of the United states from Peoria. He is most certainly going to win and may very well be a future President.

    He is hosting a watch party Nov. 4th at 7:00 P.M. at the Peoria Civic Center (www.peoriaciviccenter.com) in one of the ballrooms. You should come PLEASE. I came to your event in St. Louis, now it is your turn to come to my home turf of Peoria. Will also be a great chance to meet one of our future Presidents of the CONSERVATIVES, not REPUBLICANS. (or a combination of the two.)

    Anyway, his website is: http://www.aaronschock.com
    There is no foromal invitation on either site last time I checked, but I urge you to PLEASE COME!!.

    The address is: 201 SW Jefferson Ave.
    Peoria, IL 61602
    I don’t know exactly what ballroom it is in, but i could meet you at one of the gates at about 6:45-6:55. The office said there would be a lot of signs pointing the direction. I happen to kind of know the person planning this as well and it is supposed to be very nice.

    Dress Code would be business casual-formal. I’m going in formal suit and tie and the works.

    BRING YOUR CAMERA, VIDEO RECORDER, AND CELL PHONE. When I get an e-mail from you, I will e-mail you back my home #. I have no cell b/c i’m not cool enough.\

    Hope to see you there, Richard

  4. Richard Smith

    Why am I so forgetful?

    If you can’t remember who I am, look at the autograph of Palin in your vid, TTC at VP Debate Watch Party/Rally-Pictures.

  5. Richard Smith

    Oi vey.

    I just watched your last YouTube vid, so you can bring your laptop and cam if you want. If you don’t have one, i’ll bring mine and lend it to you.

    It’d be a great idea to be at a party like that and do your idea from the vid.

  6. theteenconservative

    First off, thank you for the invitation. However, I won’t be able to go. I will have a ustream up so if you could plug in there, I’ll feed live updates onto the ustream.

    I have a request also, play up the blog!!! Especially the election night coverage. Starts at 7 central time.

    You should have a blog too.

    Email: ckalin90@yahoo.com

    Thanks again.


  7. Wanted to invite you all, since no post have been done for a while to Missouri High School Conservatives and Missouri College Conservatives on FB. Just starting out on both so it is a good time to help mold them for teens use. Enjoy!

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