Thread: Stimulus Pork Bill Vote Imminent…

All times central…


3:44- Okay the bill is up for a Senate vote @ 4:30 pm.

3:46- It all comes down to Specollsnowe (Specter, Collins, and Snowe).

3:47- See the post below for the numbers to call in Washington.

3:48- I’ve been trying Spector for about 90 minutes, busy all 15 times.

3:49- Sen. Coburn speaking now, he put out a web page on stimulus waste HERE.


3:55- BTW, House passed it today—another GOP shutout—7 dems voted w/ GOP.

3:56- Here are some GOP Reps. comments pre-vote…

4:00- Chambliss is speaking now.

4:01- Specter is still on busy signal in DC.

4:04- Seems like the GOP Sens. are saying that many of the GOP amendments were kept through the conference process.

4:10- T- minus 20 minutes ’till the vote, McConnel talking now.

4:16- Sen. Inouye, (D) Hawaii, is blabbing on about the bill (skipping the pork)

4:19- Inouye thanks the appropriations committee for their work (and all the pork and idiocy therein)

4:23- Okay, here’s the deal.  The senate needs to get a cloture vote which requires 60 votes.  The Democrats hold a 58-41 vote advantage.  But, Ted Kennedy isn’t able to vote, which means the party line is 57-41.  That is where the three GOP Sens. come in.  All three must vote for this.  If just one changes their mind and wises up, the GOP and America win this battle.  If not, my generation will be saddled with even more massive debt.  Keep calling Specollsnowe.  T-minus 7 minutes…

4:26- McCain is speaking now and is very pessimistic.

4:27- Durbin is speaking.  Goodness he’s an idiot.

4:31- Here we go…

4:34- BTW, Sen. Brown of Ohio won’t be there b/c of a funeral.  Reid is going to leave the vote open so Brown could finish it off.

4:36- Again, 60 “yes” votes are required.

4:38- Watching on CSPAN website…

4:40- The vote is open until 9:30 pm central, via THIS.

4:42- Thune is the first “no” vote announced.

4:43- Snowe is an official “yes”.  It’s down to Collins and Specter.

4:46- Collins is “Aye”- it’s down to Specter.

4:50- There it is, Specter is “Aye”…unless of some huge turn of events, they’ve got it.

…More on this later this weekend and through next week.  Congrats Pres. Obama, YOU OWN THIS THING FROM NOW ON!!!



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  1. Jimmy Z

    Note: This is a good day for republicans, by and large, because this is Obama’s baby. He takes the blame for this pork!

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