Quick News Update

No video toady.  Here’s some big stories…


  1. Stevens loses- Alaska Senator Ted Stevens loses his reelection bid.  Sorry to us Senator Palin dreamers.  Story HERE.
  2.  McCain will run for Senate again in 2010.
  3. Lieberman- The I-D will remain a caucusing Democrat and keep his chairmanship by a 42-13 vote.
  4. Holder for AG- Another former Clintoneasta Eric Holder may be Obamas’ AG.
  5. Steele for Chairman- Fmr. Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is running for RNC Chair.  Newt Gingrich is apparently not.  I’m for Steele.
  6. Draft Sarah Palin for 2012- Site goes up…HERE.


And finally…

The ultimate OMG.  That is just scary.  Hotair post on it… HERE.

See you later…



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