The Final Argument for McCain/Palin 2008

Here’s the file that I wrote… if-you-want-someone-who.

I strongly urge you to vote for Senator John McCain to lead our nation.


Here’s the Official TTC entrance/exit poll…


Be sure to come back to The Teen Conservative Blog on Election Night, November 4, 2008 for live, up to the second coverage of the selection of the 44th President of the United States.

See you Election Night…



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One response to “The Final Argument for McCain/Palin 2008

  1. Max

    I want someone who [all the things listed about Obama]. In all honesty, he isn’t even liberal enough for my preference, but there are more to all of these elements than first meets the eye. There are more factors of varying importance that go into leading a country, and no issue is simply black and white when it comes to such a big stage as the presidency. Some of the issues the “maverick” one, talking to the dictators, experience running a state, most popular governor, are not simple “good vs. bad” issues.

    Being a maverick: a good quality depending on how you use it, also a meaningless word designed to lend a folksy feel to Palin/McCain’s reputation. This, along with experience, don’t necessarily qualify or disqualify one from the presidency. One can be inexperienced and still excel. Most popular governor: because she was named VP, she’s also amongst the most popular Halloween costumes. Talking to dictators: nothing will ever get solved by refusing to communicate, it’s a very Eurocentric ideal to withhold communication unless people conform to various ideals of ours. The baby surviving an abortion issue: abortion is not a good choice as I see it, but it must be left on the table in emergency circumstances. If my sister or girlfriend was raped, heaven forbid, I’d get them an abortion quicker than it takes to utter the words “you betcha.” The reaching across party lines issue: Obama hasn’t been around long enough for this statistic to really reveal anything.

    I acknowledge it’s rather pointless to discuss this at this late stage. I commend your dedication to and interest in this country’s future, although I have massive ideological differences with your party. A suggestion for future blogging: perhaps you’d be interested in filming debates against a liberal friend or peer on various issues as they arise?

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