First WordPress Embed-Election Countdown Debut

I’m premiering a new feature for my first WordPress embedded video, Election Countdown.  Daily, we’ll have wall-to-wall election stories up ’till November 4.

Here are some links…

-Most accurate ’04 poll HERE.

-McCain mugger story & video report HERE… Picture of 20-year old below…(mild warning).


Also, on election night, November 4, TTC will have live coverage of the results and analysis from all angles.

See you tomorrow…




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3 responses to “First WordPress Embed-Election Countdown Debut

  1. Wayne

    Embedded video worked well.

    On Palin’s clothes:
    I personally don’t care but I guess it isn’t a good look in the wider community. This is especially true seeing that it was the RNC or McCain campaign funds (can’t remember which) and they collectively are having a tough time financially compared to the Obama campaign. If I were a major donator to the campaign or RNC I would probably prefer my money spent on GOTV efforts. Seems like a more effective, efficient and conservative usage of the funds.

    On the mugging:
    An absolutely deplorable act. I feel that is also somewhat deplorable to connect it in any way to the McCain or Obama campaigns. People of such questionable mental health should not be considered representative of the wider American community on either side of politics.

    On the polls:

  2. Wayne

    Malkin is suspicious of the mugging story:

    Some of the points she makes are logical.

  3. Arlene & Heather

    Hey… I hope you and your family is doing well. While searching OB Odinga foreign media and Libya, I found an article written by a scientist from our Dept. of Defense regarding in-depth Kenyan/Obama politics “ODM”; Here, the most in-depth writing. Jacksonians home page is also a work of art… Enjoy reading and the A+ in your Senior History class this year. Actually, you could take this site to college and write your political science thesis three times over…
    Heather says hello!
    Warm regards,
    Heather’s Mom.

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