3rd Presidential Debate Review-Poll Added

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6 responses to “3rd Presidential Debate Review-Poll Added

  1. Wayne

    McCain needed big movement and decisive outcomes, unfortunately for him he did not achieve it.

    “* Who won the debate? 53% say Obama, 22% McCain, 25% rate it a tie.

    * How did the debate impact vote preferences? 28% say they are now committed to Obama, 14% to McCain and 58% are still uncommitted.

    * Candidates rated – would raise your taxes?
    McCain: 56% before the debate, 48% after
    Obama: 68% before the debate, 63% after

    * Candidates rated – would make the right decisions on health care?
    McCain: 27% before the debate, 30% after
    Obama: 61% before the debate, 69% after

    * Candidates rated – would make the right decisions on the economy?
    McCain: 38% before the debate, 48% after
    Obama: 54% before the debate, 65% after

    * Who did the best job? 58% Obama, 31% McCain.
    * Obama’s rating (favorable-unfavorable): Pre-debate 63-35%, Post debate 66-33%
    * McCain’s rating (favorable-unfavorable): Pre-debate 51-45%, Post debate 49-49%
    * Who expressed his views more clearly?: 66% Obama, 25% McCain
    * Who spent more time attacking his opponent?: 80% McCain, 7% Obama
    * Who seemed to be the strongest leader?: 56% Obama, 39% McCain
    * Who was more likable?: Obama 70%, McCain 22%
    * Who would better handle the economy?: 59% Obama, 35% McCain
    * Who would better handle health care?: 62% Obama, 31% McCain
    * Who would better handle taxes: 56% Obama, 41% McCain”

  2. aeonstrife

    You cannot be a hypocrite.

    If you are going to say that Obama is being a Clinton, then you have to be honest and say McCain is being a Bush which McCain himself has admitted he is several times.

    McCain’s rebuke of the Bush allegation was a pure lie.

    McCain at one time was nothing like Bush. This is true, but after McCain lost his last bid to become President, McCain sided with Bush on nearly every issue and even got Bush’s staff to work for him. McCain really is the third coming of Bush.

    He was once a maverick, but then became nothing more than sellout.

    Bush was thought to be the new Ronald Reagan, but he turned out to be the most liberal Republican in the history of the party.

    What is wrong with Obama taxing and paying for programs?

    The US has had “8” years of Bush tax cuts which have virtually destroyed the US economy and raised the national debt to immense proportions

    Money needs to come from somewhere to pay for programs.

    If you don’t want taxes, I guess you don’t want healthcare, education, jobs, and the American dream.

  3. theteenconservative

    Hey aeonstrife,

    -I said, and have said on multiple occasions, that Obama acted like Clinton in debates. Obama’s policies make Clinton look like a conservative.

    -Next, don’t get sucked into the response by Obama of “it’s a lie”, every time he’s criticized.

    -Let me get your timeline straight, from 2001-2008, McCain has sided with Pres. Bush “on nearly every issue”. I guess you missed campaign finance, global warming, conduct of the war in Iraq, and reform of Fannie and Freddie Mac.

    – You connect paying taxes to the American Dream? Again, you’ve listened to Joe Biden too much. The American Dream is not given by government, or a social entitlement program, it’s earned by people like “Joe the plumber” who start small businesses and work hard. The American Dream isn’t the American “right”. It’s not the government’s job to give people a job. You and Sen. Obama don’t understand why jobs come and go. Obama talks about companies shipping jobs overseas. But why is that? Its because of the oppressive tax structure in America that Obama wants to increase. McCain mentioned Ireland’s tax rate, 11%, as opposed to our 35% rate. If you were a business, it would make complete business sense to go to the lowest tax rate. So, if you want more American jobs, you need to cut the tax rate to lure them back here.

    Overall, thanks for your comment.


  4. aeonstrife

    On global warming McCain sided with the oil companies to drill for solutions, on the Iraq War McCain said to stay in Iraq for 100 years, and McCain got money from both Fannie and Freddie Mac.

    Vice President Dick Cheney also disagrees with Bush on a few issues, but no one thinks he isn’t part of the Bush administratoin.

    McCain agrees 90% with Bush, but I guess if he disagrees on a few issues he must not be like Bush, just like VP Cheney must not be part of the Bush administration.

    Oppressive tax structure? Bush cut taxes for the rich and the corporations but guess what? They still raised prices, cut jobs, and sent jobs oversees.

    Again, you are being a hypocrite. You say its not the government’s job to give people a job, yet the government under McCain bails out corporations and wants to cut taxes for the corporations. This is the government saving the rich and the corporations making sure the people at the top keep their jobs.

  5. theteenconservative

    -McCain sided w/ oil execs? Obama voted for the 2005 energy bill with tons of tax breaks. McCain voted no.

    -Fannie and Freddie execs, Franklin Rains and Jim Johnson were on the Obama campaign. (Johnson helped pick Obama’s VP).

    -The left keeps taking the 100 years comment wildly out of context.

    -If McCain agrees w/ Bush so much, why has he worked over 50% of the time to pass bills w/ Democrats?

    -I never said I agree w/ bailing banks out (I oppose McCain there)

    -If there is corporate crime, by all means prosecute, but your “trickle up” economic theory isn’t valid.

    We just have a debate on the poles of politics, you being on the left and me being on the right. Neither of us are going to change each other’s minds.

    I appreciate the debate.



  6. Wayne

    Why do conservatives and progressives talk so pejoratively about others on the evil right or evil left? People need to realise that there is a healthy centre to be appreciated.

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