McCain’s Last Chance

Here’s the wake-up call for the McCain camp…

Video one, two, three.


The townhall debate is Tuesday, see you then…




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2 responses to “McCain’s Last Chance

  1. Mooseburger

    I am for Obama, but I do like your thoughts on all this, and at least you have a civil tone and some good analytical thinking, unlike most Conservative blogs out there. One thing to consider, I do believe that John McCain is having some health issues, he sure doesn’t seem to be himself, and the stress of running for President would be hard enough on a young guy like me, much less for McCain. Another thing, He is running the kind of campaign that I believe he doesn’t want to run, and his heart isn’t in it. I think he is doing what his handlers are telling him, and I agree that McCain isn’t being McCain. I’ve always liked McCain alot, but choosing Sarah Palin has undercut his main argument of experience, and no matter what anyone says, his age is certainly a big factor in terms of who he has as a Vice Presidential running mate, and neither have much to offer on economic issues. I am afraid that She has set the narrative already, even though the debate did help stop the bleeding. Just like Dan Quayle, her first interviews were pitiful and that perception will not be erased between now and the election in the minds of middle American voters. At this point, the more McCain hits Obama, the more Obama will respond in kind, a tit for tat thing with a close to zero sum gain for either. The more McCain shifts from the Economy and issues Americans are deeply worried about, the more out of touch, old and grouchy he looks. His best bet is to sell the American people on WHY he would be the best President. A go for broke negative campaign without a positive vision of where he wants to take this country is a lead pipe cinch loser for McCain. Why oh why didn’t John McCain think of this long ago…..earn the Presidency by convincing voters he is the man for the job, instead of listening to Karl Rove and his bygone era campaign style? Folks are sick of it, and Palin comes off as a snotty scolding School marm, with no background credentials to be wrinkling her nose and winking, all to happy and cheerful to jump in and attack…..This too will backfire because one has to earn respect in order to be respected, and she clearly hasn’t paid her dues in that regard. The campaign McCain is currently waging is one that we all deep inside know is wrong in our hearts, don’t forget, even Lee Atwater, the pioneer of this type of smear campaign, before he died, publicly expressed his sorrow for what he had done to Dukakis, and asked all the Democrats he had “peeled the bark off of ” for their forgiveness before he died at the age of 40. Perhaps he had a sense that God would not like that type of bearing false witness against your neighbor. Something for God fearing Christian hard core right wing conservatives to think about, if you are not at all trying to be right with God, and use His word for your election purposes, God will not be mocked.

  2. theteenconservative

    Thanks for your compliments, but I can’t overlook the rest of your comment.

    -Sarah Palin has more executive experience than the Obama/Biden ticket combined. Don’t discount leading a state.

    -I want McCain to draw sharp contrasts, not get personal. Coming from a supporter of the leading candidate, it’s easy to decry negative campaigning. (Especially when Obama ran the first negative ad)

    -Drawing contrasts is not a sin and I, nor the McCain camp, have used God’s word in an attack. Instead I’ll quote President Truman, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” If Obama can’t take the negatives, he needs to find another line of work.

    Overall, I appreciate your comment.


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