VP Debate Preview

Today, I preview the keys to victory for the would be Veeps.


  1. Gaffe Watch
  2. Don’t go at Palin
  3. Sound Smart


  1. Gaffe Watch
  2. Showcase your knowledge
  3. Attack Obama

We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll be at the official watch party where Palin will come after.

Watch for videos on Friday…




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4 responses to “VP Debate Preview

  1. Stan

    I think most of what are labeled as gaffes would more accurately be described as controversial. People don’t like controversial statements from their politicians. Provide examples of what you consider to be gaffes.

    Also, Palin, as a part of the ticket, is as fair to attack as Biden. They should be civil, that’s extremely important, but being a woman doesn’t entitle her to different treatment. Going easy on her because she’s a woman is sexist, just as it would be to berate her on the basis of her womanhood. They should stick to the issues and ignore gender altogether.

    I don’t think she’s dumb but she just doesn’t exactly come off as especially knowledgable. I think she believes her beliefs without having much of a rationale for them. I don’t think we’ve had a dumb president; you have to be smart to be a successful politician. My issue with her is with the policies I fear she would enact if she became president.

    Being governor doesn’t really make someone especially qualified to be president. It means people like her, or at least they did like her. What, more specifically, would make her a good president? Besides that she’s conservative.

    Palin had less competition for governor than Biden had for president. In terms of proportion of the population; plus Biden was running against Clinton and Obama. That joke isn’t exactly credible because it ignores this fact. It’s like if I interviewed ten people in an ice cream shop and then claimed that more people like ice cream than don’t.

  2. theteenconservative

    -First, thanks for your comment.

    -The most recent gaffe was when “FDR went on TV in 1929”. That’s a two for one deal. He said Clinton would make a better vp than him. He insulted the Indian community with comments about 7 eleven, etc…

    -I’m not saying she should be treated differently, I’m saying it could be portrayed that way, and it would behoove Biden to lay off. I agree that gender, race, etc shouldn’t matter. I was looking at the politics of it.

    -The reason you don’t think she’s knowledgeable is because her interviews haven’t been portrayed that way. That’s why she should showcase herself at the live debate.

    -Palin had to defeat a sitting Governor in her own party and then beat a popular former Governor in the general election. Biden is a fairly key Senator but could only manage a few hundred votes in Iowa? However, all in all it was a “joke”.

    -Overall I appreciate your comment and the civility you had in it. (Trust me; I appreciate not having the personal attacks.)


  3. Hi,

    I just ran into your blog, and I congratulate you on your “Teen Conservative Blog”! I actually run a blog called “Jeremy’s Conservative Blog” which focuses on political issues from a college student’s point of view. I’ll add you to my blogroll, and I’ll def. be back here in the future.

    Great Blog!

  4. theteenconservative


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