Issue of the Day: Economy

Today, we compare the candidates’ economic plans to my own. 

Obama=redistribute wealth (a.k.a.-socialism)

McCain=Low taxes, (a.k.a.-capitalism)


Tomorrow, we talk about Healthcare, look out Hillary!!!




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5 responses to “Issue of the Day: Economy

  1. Bo

    The only redeeming thing about your blog is that no one seems to take you seriously enough to post comments. I don’t take you seriously, either; however, I couldn’t resist leaving at least one thought here.
    Your simplistic bi-polar view of the issues is really sad, especially for someone so young as you. Our current president made one trillion-dollar “investment” in an unnecessary war in Iraq. That hasn’t worked out very well for us (or the Iraqi people, for that matter), has it?
    Now, after years of de-regulation, lack of oversight and just plain downright incompetence, he is planning another trillion-investment. Do you really think this one will work out any better for the American taxpayer? I don’t — especially if a phony reformer like McCain and a totally unqualified VP like Palin are in office. Remember, McCain voted with Bush 90 percent of the time. He will just continue to drive the train into the ditch.
    There is a legitimate role for government and a need for it to be accountable and effective. Obama understands that. His tax policy seeks to preserve and support the middle class — and to put the country back on a sounder footing once the drunken sailor in the Oval Office and the irresponsible republicans in Congress are gone in January. It is going to be a tough job and it will required effort and sacrifice from all of us.
    It is time to pursue a new direction. McCain is more of the same that got us into this mess to begin with.
    Think about it.

  2. theteenconservative

    -I guess I should just buy into the “new politics” of bipartisanship coming from the most liberal U.S. Senator.

    -I’m astonished that you believe that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was better for the Iraqi people than now.

    -McCain’s the phony reformer? I thought that was Obama. At least McCain has a record.

    -I resent the equivalence that you take on Palin. Governor does not equal Senator. Palin has had two years running a state. Obama had about 130 days in session in the Senate before running for President. The least experienced person of the four is YOUR Presidential nominee.

    -While I am a staunch capitalist, (unlike yourself, apparently) I don’t favor bailouts, however this crisis looms larger than one or two mortgage failures. I’m undecided on the current bailout package. I want to hear more. BTW, I thought the blame game from an Obama supporter was the “old politics”? I guess what’s new is old.

    – The middle class argument shows how indoctrinated into Obama cult you are. I take the point that the Democrats want the middle class to stay, but the GOP wants them to be rich. You want to hold them hostage to the redistributed wealth that Obama promises for them. McCain wants to let them make more, so their not reliant on anyone or anything.

    -And, speaking of my “bi-polar” world. It seems you should look in the mirror. After saying that, you berated the GOP and conservatives, kind of like a bi-polar system. BTW, we live in a two party system, if you don’t like it, why are you voting for one of the two party’s nominees?

    -On your overall attack, let me tell you, I don’t fully agree with McCain on everything. He wasn’t my first pick. But the more Obama folks say stuff like you said, the more I’m being pushed to McCain. My advice, keep doing this kind of thing, you’ll only create a motivated constituency, that will defeat your messiah complex.

    And on blogs, I didn’t catch where your blog was? Ummm.

  3. Bo

    On the Iraqi people, I am sure the 1.2 million killed and estimated 2 to 3 million refugees would disagree with you. As would those remaining in-country who are now more segregated by class and lacking the hours of electricity and availability of clean water that they had prior to GDumbya’s unnecessary invasion and bungled occupation of their country.
    I agree with you that McCain has a record–a very poor one when it comes to domestic, economic and social policy; a marginal one on the topic of international relations. And I am not in favor of a bellicose C-in-C. Been there; done that.
    You are totally off base on Obama and apparently don’t understand his philosophy or policy position on much of anything. I suspect that is due to close-mindedness. Too bad for you.
    And, yes, I am a capitalist who will pay more taxes under an Obama presidency. I just happen to believe that it is reasonable as a matter of fairness and social justice. McCain will have less latitude on taxes than he thought he might have at this time last week. I don’t appreciate his priorities for tax relief and I don’t believe his claims of knowing where and how to reduce cost (other than just shifting it those costs elsewhere).
    Where Failin’ Palin is concerned, you must be unconscious! She is a pork-barrel queen, secretive, carries grudges and frankly just plain scary because she is not only ignorant but clueless about what she doesn’t know.
    Not to worry, though. You are on the losing side of this election. I will not convince you otherwise so I will just be content in being amused at your obvious ignorance of the issues and your superficial opinion about the pluses and minuses of the candidates.
    Obama is not a messiah — you’ve been listening to Rush Limpballs too much. He is, however, the type of leader this country needs right now . . . not some frauds like McCain and Palin who are neither mavericks nor reformers.

  4. theteenconservative

    -Again, I love Obama-supporters adherence to non-personal attacks of a “turning the page candidate”.

    -Your Iraq number is disgracefully inflated. You’re using Cindy Sheehan’s measurement.

    -I bet McCain’s record is deemed “thin” because it disagrees with you. (BTW, I disagree with him, too, that doesn’t take away from his record.)

    -Wait, I’m sure an enlightened person, such as yourself, would know that “fairness and social justice” cannot be achieved in a Capitalist system, because if you have economic equality, then it ceases to be capitalism, it’s socialism.

    -On pork, ooooh, I wouldn’t go there if I were an Obama guy. Three years in Senate= almost $1 Billion in earmarks.

    -Palin’s “grudges” in troopergate were being handled in a non-partisan way, until Aug. 29. From then on Obama supporters in Alaska, like the leader of the investigation, Hollis French, made it into a wild goose chase, sensing an October Surprise. Her, so called ‘scandal” is the equivalent to Bush and the fired U.S. attorneys. That police commissioner serves at the pleasure of the Governor. If she wanted to fire him, she could legally. On top of his insubordination on policy matters, they just saw things differently, so instead of tarring the commissioner by calling him insubordinate, she quietly let him go, so he could preserve his reputation.

    -Secretive? She put the state budget online.

    – On the messiah question, read my post on Obama, “Presumptive President”.

    -Obama is the “leader we need?” Can you tell me what he’s ever lead?

    -The mere fact that conservatives like me weren’t for him, proves McCain IS a maverick.

    If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go read my Bible and cling to my gun.

  5. Max

    It’s important to remember that experience doesn’t necessarily make someone good at something. Case in point: Bush was the governor of Texas. However, lack of experience doesn’t make someone bad at something. Compare their ideas and the attributes that actually affect their abilities to lead, such as how they deal with people, how they communicate, their attitudes towards others (both American and non-American). There’s more to a person than experience and lack thereof, there are inherent characteristics that influence leadership abilities.

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