9-11: Seven Years Later

Seven years ago this morning, the world changed, as Hotair and the History channel say, 102 minutes that changed the America.  All I can say is that sometime today, if you haven’t already, just pause in your daily work, and have a moment of prayerful reflection on the lives lost, and the impact on our nation.  Maybe watch a few 9-11 tributes on Youtube, or watch a full documentary and understand what happened and why.  If you want the former, then I have a few tributes below that I thought were particularly moving.  And if your the latter, then I’ll also link a 9-11 documentary from National Geographic.

Never Forget the day, September 11, 2001…

Now the documentary..

Part 2 called “Zero Hour” (minute by minute of 9-11)

God Bless America,



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  1. We cannot let a weak man like Barack Obama become President. State your feelings boldly.


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