The McCain/Palin Ticket, w/ Video

The tickets are complete.  It’s Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin.  In a race with so many historic implications, John McCain has topped them all.  No matter where you turn or who you vote for, your a part of history.

Sarah Palin’s pick shows John McCain is okay with rolling the dice a little.  He apparently saw no way of getting 51% in the polls without Palin, or someone like her.  Many will say this is a blatant show of good faith to Hillary Clinton supporters.  And my response is, that is exactly right.  But that’s not a bad thing. 

Personally, I was sick and tired of my party being called the old white men’s party.  The Palin pick shatters that assertion.  She is an example of the new, dynamic, and fine leaders that are coming out of the GOP.

On a purely political line, the pick pretty much tells Obama to stop running ads in Alaska.  This pick is also a direct jab at the DNC for the last week.  The Democrats tried so hard to unify their party, and here’s Sarah Palin to rip that up and play to Hillary backers.  Palin is the only executive of the four candidates.  The Obama camp has already bashed Palin’s supposed lack of experience, especially foreign policy.  That would be true of any other Governor, but not Palin.  Many do not realize how close Alaska is to Russia.  The Alaskan Governor must defend our natural resources, and Palin is the one that has done it.

Overall, she satisfies the 2008 demands of the party.  Young.  An executive.  A conservative.  Energy cred. (Substitute for economy).  And a political shocker (the DNC didn’t attack her on their GOP VP site, “The Next Cheney”.  And on top of it all she could be the first woman vice-President.

Not to channel Chris Mathews, but I don’t get a shiver up my spine very often.  I did just a few moments ago.  The moment when Sarah Palin said that almost 88 years to the day when women gained the right to vote, we could have a female vice-President.  It was an unbelievable moment, and Sarah Palin was an unbelievable pick.

Update: Hotair has the full announcement.


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