McCain’s Vice President Thread, Update: It’s Sarah Palin

As I roll out of my slumber, I see…

  …that on Drudge.


Then THIS from Fox News, saying Romney and (sob, sob,) Tim Pawlenty are out.

Then CNBC has a source that claims its Palin.  This is big because she has a good rep. with the network and has appeared there numerous times.

Next, from the Christian News Wire, THIS.  Another source that says Palin.

But, what I believe is the biggest source and evidence that it’s Palin is…

THIS.  From the the Dayton Daily News…

According to Rich Bevis of B&B Aero, the fixed-based operator at Hook Field, the jet, a Gulfstream IV which has the flight range to fly from Alaska to Europe, landed at about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28.

Bevis said the woman “was a real close match to Palin” and added that the flight crew that’s based in the Seattle area was told to fly to Anchorage to pick up their party and fly to Middletown.

In my opinion, I would predict now that it is Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, to be the Vice President for John McCain.

As I’m listening to Laura Ingraham, she and her listeners are ecstatic about Palin.  Ingraham called it “sheer brilliance”.

    more to come…..

Now Politico says that it’s Palin.  The Chicago Tribune is the first big paper to say Palin.  And on top of it, CBSsays that Palin’s husband told Palin’s parents to “listen to the radio” this morning.  The Page has a good recap. of all the reports.

Here’s Palin’sWIKI page.  That’s her bio.

It’s Official: AP says Palin is McCain’s pick for VP.

-First VP from Alaska

-2nd female on VP ticket ever.

-Now, the only executive of the four on the tickets.


There it is.  AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  Analysis to come…


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