The Obama/Biden Ticket

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the Democratic Ticket.  I think most news outlets have spoken, but I think I agree with ABC’s Jake Tapper who dubbed the Biden Veep pick as “high risk, high reward” pick.  That’s exactly what it is.  Biden has the foreign policy credentials that are unmatched, but he tends to talk…and talk…and talk.  The Obama camp contends he can help in Scranton, PA, his birthplace.  However, Obama’s veep to help him turn the page, and change Washington, is a 35 year veteran of Washington.  He would be the first VP from the state of Delaware, and the first Roman-Catholic Vice President.  Hotair links to MSNBC’s uncut video of the Springfield rally.

The intro…

This rally also had another in the long list of gaffes.  Obama introduced Biden as “the next President, the next Vice President”. 

Overall, this is a solid pick, but it is high risk with Biden’s loose mouth, but it’s also high reward, in that Biden could give Obama the experience he needs, in the minds of the voters to get elected President of the United States.

Plus… Politico’s “Biden for Dummies“…



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