Obama’s VP Thread…

Okay, I’ll be updating this post multiple times from now ’till tomorrow morning so keep in touch here.  When I’ve found out for sure I’ll have a video about it.

So… (all times Central)

7:15 pm- This from a Kansas printer, a sticker for Obama…

Although many say that it is common for candidates to make joint stickers for all possible veeps…

7:20- Drudgesays that MSNBC says that Kaine and Bayh have been notified that they are not the choice.  Okay, so…



       -Sebelius (?)-probably not.



       This leaves one name, BIDEN

7:25- Now Drudge cites sources that claim the infamous text will happen tomorrow morning.

7:30- Now Marc Ambinder has a charter flight from Delaware to Chi-town…

What are the chances?…

7: 32- It was Andrea Mitchell who broke the Bayh and Kaine story over at NBC.  Also the Weekly Standard has info that Biden staffers are cutting their vacation time short and returning to Washington.

I think the record for the shortest time on the veep list goes to Rep. Chet Edwards.

7:45- Here’s the MSNBC article axing Bayh and Kaine.

7:48- Is this it?

8:36- CNN’s vp stakeout at Biden’s home has paid off.  There is a “flurry” of activity.  Biden’s family are said to be inside. 

I think it’s safe to say that Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware will be Barack Obama’s Vice-Presidnetial nominee.

More to come Saturday when I get my text…


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