3 to See Returns!!!-Obama tour recap, Veeps

After my absence, I’m back with your 3 to see for July 29, 2008.

#1-Tour Recap

So Barack Obama finished up his world tour and the verdict is in…mixed.  The trip obviously had the plus of him being seen next to leaders and visiting the war zone.  He also had numerous photo-ops and great campaign material to last him through November.  However, there were negatives.  One of which being that the trip was too hyped.  It was so over-hyped that it was impossible to meet the grandiose expectations.  Along with that, his meetings with all those leaders could be seen, put next to his personal Presidential seal, as arrogant.  People may see it as to presumptuous, and thus, cocky.  While the trip did not produce a huge bombshell mistake, there were a share of small blunders that the McCain camp can capitalize on.  One being the site of his Berlin speech (again, too presidential), another being his interviews (egged on by the blogosphere) were pretty tough and Obama got noticeably annoyed and displeased with the vary media he expected to be bowing down to him.  The third is his non-trip to see wounded troops in a German hospital.  The Pentagon forbade Obama from bringing photographers or campaign staff inside.  This prevented yet another photo-op and Obama just said no completely and instead, played some B-ball at the gym.  McCain should and has already bashed Obama on that.  Overall, the trip hasn’t yet shown a poll bounce.  The national polls remain within the margin of error, and some of the state polls are shifting to toss-ups.  The Karl Rove count on Fox News Sunday was that Obama is losing ground in the upper-Midwest, like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  So the easy answer on the trip is mixed, which translates to, “We’ll see”.

#2-Mucho Veepstakes-McCain

Updates from the McCain search: After the false rumor of an announcement last week, here’s another, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota IS the choice.  Oh, but wait, yet another source claims it’s down to two men… T-Paw and Mitt Romney (to quote Hotair “Two nondescript Republican white guys enter, one nondescript Republican white guy leaves”).  If that is true, then I’d want Romney, for reasons I’ve already laid out.  On the timing, most believe that McCain will announce late, presumably after Obama’s pick to get attention off of Obama.  And if the source is true, then McCain won’t throw the long ball with his pick.  So, for the umpteenth year in a row, the Republicans will have two white men on the ticket, thus ceding the electoral equality card to the Democrats.

#3-Mucho, Mucho Veepstakes-Obama

Obama’s saga has reached a fever pitch as well.  While the never mentioned Bill Bradely took his name out of consideration, One name has floated to the top, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.  Popular, semi-southern state, toss-up state, Governor.  Bill Kristol lined up a date, time, and place for the Kaine announcement on FNS.

So to wrap up, the phrase of the day is “We’ll see”.



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