3 to See: July 22, 2008

Today, the Obama tour, and Veepstakes aplenty.

#1-Possible Big Veepstakes News

First Reported by Robert Novak, John McCain may announce his running mate this week.  Then says that he may have been fooled by McCain’s team to put the Senator in the news during Barack Obama’s trip.  He says we’ll have to wait and find out.  I’ve discussed the Veepstakes a lot, however, while my prediction is Romney, there were other stories from My Way News, and Time’s “The Page” that fuels the speculation.

#2-More Veeps

Fueled by Time

This article sites Michigan congresswoman, who said that Former Senators Edwards and Nunn are on Obama’s vetting list.  So for my in depth look at Obama’s possible ticket-mates, I would laugh if Edwards got it again, because it would so simple to just recycle all of the jokes I saw four years ago.  Nunn is almost as old as McCain and a foreign policy czar like McCain.  He has however expressed his dislike towards homosexuals, which may nix his nomination.  Sen. Chris Dodd said he was vetted, but his recent banking problems may stop his nod.  It’s funny how the candidates that I would think are definite no-no’s, always get the most press speculation.  I guess that’s how it goes.



The reality tour continues as Sen. Obama is interviewed tonight by Katie Couric.  A portion of the interview from The Page, here.  Couric apparently hammers Obama on the surge, which he still doesn’t support, even after it’s completed and has worked.  It seems like the press is now throwing some token jabs at Obama after many conservatives pointed out their blatant bias (i.e. New York Times).  The McCain camp sees it too and goes after the press in this ad/web video…

Citing the infamous Chris Mathews thrilling leg tingle, this ad makes the point in a short concise manner.

Well, there you have it.  I’ll out of town Wednesday through Monday.  So let’s hope McCain doesn’t pick his VP before then. 



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