3 to See: July 18, 2008

 Okay, installment 2 of “3 to See”…

#1-Israelis break up assassination plot

From: Reuters.

Apparently, six Arab men were accused today of trying to form an al-Qaeda terror cell in Israel, and then use it to shoot down Pres. Bush’s helicopter when he came.  From what I see, the plan was not all that far in terms of planning, however, it does show that we are still at war with these people.  One of the suspects used his cell phone to video helicopters taking off and then others enquired on al-Qaeda trafficked websites about how to shoot down a chopper.  Again, the plot was in it’s infancy.

#2- McCain Goes Negative

Yesterday this…

and today…

Sen. John McCain is now going negative in his race with Barack Obama.  The first video outlines Obama’s flip flops on Iraq, and the second attacks him for not funding the troops.  Both of these ads are completely true, as opposed to the DNC ad that misquoted McCain’s “Hundred years” comment.  My only criticism, the announcer sounds wimpy in the second ad.  It reminds me of Obama’s commercials.  There’s that wimpy guy saying how Obama is so great.  I liked McCain’s ad called “Love”, in which he has a James Earl Jones-like announcer and it made he and his life story sound tough.

# 3-Veepstakes!!!

Courtesy: Washington Post Politics blog.

In their weekly top five for veep contenders, Chris Cillizza lays out an interesting five for Obama and McCain.  For Obama, the top two picks would help geographically and politically.  Sen. Bayh was a Governor and Senator, and he’s from Indiana, a state that Obama will try to pick off.  Gov. Kaine helps more with his state.  He’ll make Virginia even more of a toss-up or maybe lean Obama.

McCain’s top five features two of my top picks.  I like Gov. Sarah Palin for veep because she is a Governor, and a rising star in the Republican party.  Her gender also plays a factor.  He and Gov. Bobby Jindal could share a ticket one day.  My top pick is Gov. Mitt Romney.  He helps in so many ways: Geographically-Was Governor next to New Hampshire, born in Michigan, and helps out west because of his Mormon faith, plus his tenure at the Olympics.

So there you go, your 3 to see today.

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One response to “3 to See: July 18, 2008

  1. Ted

    Of course it’s gonna be Palin (which will facilitate McCain winning in November). Chris Cillizza is interested in McCain losing the election (he writes for the Washington Post), so of course he downplays Palin and touts those standard bearers who will bring McCain to defeat.

    No mystery there.

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