Update:Welcome to the New Blog, Announcement

I’ve been using Blogger for about a year now and was pretty happy with it.  However it did have minor restrictions and I thought it was time to shake things up, a change if you will.  Don’t worry, all of the features on the old blog are still on this one but only in a slightly different spot. 

Instead of cramming my bio into the sidebar, there is now a page for it, the about link.  The Presidential poll and others, will be on the polls tab.  Instead of only having a few videos on the sidebar, you can see multiple on the videos tab.  And finally, you can see all of my views, out in the open, in the views of TTC tab.  More tabs may be made if I see that there is a need.

I still have my Youtube channel with my personal videos and my favorites list.

I also intend to begin live blogging certain events and I hope you tune in and chat (possible new tab).  The only thing I see on the horizon to liveblog are the Presidential debates, but I could see something worthy of a live blog between then and now, so stay tuned.

While I have you reading, here’s a fairly big announcement… 

I, along with twenty of my fellow students from my high school, will be attending the 2009 Inauguration of the new President of the United States.  Either McCain or Obama will be taking the oath (sorry you Barr, Nader supporters).  Along with that we’ll see all the Washington D.C. sights: Capitol, White House, Supreme Court, etc.  I’ll obviously have a lengthy story to tell when I get back (Unfortunately, I don’t have a laptop so I can’t liveblog, but oh, I would if I could.

Thanks to the readers and commenters.  Keep checking in for updates and news commentary (which I’ll be having more of, beings that I’m out of school).  Also, if you could pass the link of this blog around the web.  It’s only through exsposure that a blog gains popularity, and that’s what I intend to achieve.

Thnaks and have a happy 4th of July.  God Bless America.



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