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Will I vote for John McCain?

Since Sen. John McCain is the presumptive nominee for the GOP, many conservatives have claimed that they will “protest” and vote for the Democrat or not vote at all.

Well, I’m going to be voting in my first Presidential Election in November and, even though I would have preferred Mitt Romney, I would be proud to cast my first vote for the true American hero, John McCain.

My prediction is that, like today, the left-leaning media will do it’s best to help conservatives rally around McCain by coming out overwhelmingly for the socialist messiah, Barack Obama (BTW, I plan on a large post dedicated to Obama, seeing as he has the edge over Clinton).

My hope would be that Obama and Clinton fight it out and tear each other to shreds and create a repeat of the 1968 DNC in Chicago(That would be heaven on earth for every Republican in the country), although I highly doubt that will happen.

So, I’m a proud McCain man, and I encourage other conservatives to follow.


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