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TTC’s views on… anything!!!-Updated 9-15-2008

Here are my view on a wide variety of issues facing this nation…


I believe human life begins at conception. Abortion is murder and no woman has the “right” to choose murder. I am in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Death Penalty

The death penalty as it stands now is a completely justified punishment. It is a punishment that fits the crime of a brutal murder. It is neither cruel nor unusual.


I favor the free market system of capitalism and shun government interference in our economy. I also support tax cuts because the more money an American has in his/her pocket, the more he/she can invest in our economy. In favor of overhauling the current tax system either by Fair Tax, Flat Tax, etc.

Global Warming

The earth is warming. However, I believe that global warming/climate change has little to do with human industrial activity and more to do with solar flares from the sun and livestock “emissions”. There is far from a scientific consensus about human contribution to global warming.

Gun Control

The Second Amendment gives every American citizen the right to keep and bear arms. Criminals find illegal guns so enacting gun control only disarms possible victims of gun violence. A criminal is less likely to try to cause harm if they know their victims are armed.


Although I am not well versed in the different kinds of healthcare proposals, I am strongly opposed to socialized medicine and I support health saving accounts.

Homeland Security

Strongly support the PATRIOT Act.


I support legal immigration at the current rate, but strongly oppose illegal immigration. The U.S. government should build a strong fence on the U.S.-Mexico border. Most illegal aliens are not looking to start a new life here in America. They are using our economy to make money which they send back to their home country. Also, a fence would curtail a large percentage of drug trafficking coming from Mexico. Illegal aliens should have none of the rights of a legal citizen. After the Immigration Amnesty Bill went down last summer, I put together my own plan. Here it is…

Secure 100% of the U.S.-Mexico border in five years. (Physically, Technologically, etc.)
Deporting 100% of criminal aliens in five years.(Allow money saved in prison costs to fund the border)
Create a bio-metric, tamper-proof I.D. card for all LEGAL non-citizens in the U.S., so if an immigrant wants a job, they must have that card to prove they are legal.
An immediate doubling of the fine for employers who hire illegals.
An immediate cutting off of all Federal funding to any city that is a “Sanctuary city”.

This creates an attrition system where, if the work dries up, the illegals will “self-deport” because they would all be out of jobs.

Same-Sex Marriage

I am opposed to marriage being anything other than between a man and a woman. The best family situation in which to bring up a child is one between a mother and a father. A Constitutional Amendment banning Same-Sex Marriage would be acceptable. However, I am open to homosexuals being allowed to have joint ownership of money or possessions.

United Nations

The UN has repeatedly failed in its essential mission of world peace. It lets criminal and murderous regimes in power and allows the genocide of thousands without lifting a finger. Instead they focus on containing the United States and Israel by focusing on Israel and the United States’ foreign policies. The United States should never subvert its national interests to those at the UN.

War on Terrorism

Militant Islamists attacked the United States on 9-11 and they want to do it again. They strive for Islam to rule the world and they are prepared to use murder and terror as a weapon. These extremists cannot be negotiated with or appeased. Their view of the world cannot coexist with western civilization. The extremist network runs far beyond Osama bin Laden or al-Qaeda. A conservative estimate is that 10% of the world’s two billion Muslims are radicalized. That is 200 Million people, at least. This is a global war that will not be over after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are complete. The terrorists must be stopped and destroyed.

War in Iraq

The war in Iraqwas justified because Saddam Hussein was a radical genocidal dictator who was pursuing WMD and had some already, not stockpiles but enough to worry.  He had numerous terrorist connections including some with al-Qaeda, although he had no operational knowledge of 9-11.  He gave money, resources, and sanctuary to many radical Islamists for over a decade.  Establishing a free nation in the Middle East could spur other citizens of terrorist states to rise up and demand their freedom.


Also, the war was terribly mismanaged.  We did not have enough troops to secure the population and support the interim government.  In early 2007, President Bush tried to correct his mistake by surging our troops into Baghdad and Anbar Province.  After over a year and a half, the surge shows dramatic signs of success and now the question is not, can we win, it’s, we won, now how do we leave gracefully.  We have essentially relegated foreign terror groups in Iraq to frail, if not dead activity.  Al-Qaeda is reportedly withdrawing from Iraq because of the defeat they were handed, by America.  However, security gains are fragile, so our pullout must be slow, but steady.  If we leave in the right way, Iraq will be fine.  By the way, the Iraqi government isn’t slacking off as many claim.  Recently, it was reported that the Iraqi Parliament had been rated “Satisfactory” on 15 out of the 18 Congressional benchmarks.  I realize President Bush doesn’t want to declare victory (again), so I will.  We won.  Al-Qaeda lost.  Since we have that fact, let’s examine who was right and who was wrong: President Bush, John McCain, House Republicans, Senate Republicans (Except Sen. Hagel).  Who was wrong, and wrong repeatedly: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, John Murtha, House Democrats, and Senate Democrats (Except Joe Lieberman).

And again, if you disagree(or agree), feel free to comment or send me an email.




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September 11th

Just stop for a minute or two and take a personal moment of silent reflection on the events of today. Watch the footage. Be proud to be an American. Say a prayer to the victims and their familes and say a prayer for the country we all love.

God Bless the victims.

God Bless their families.

God Bless America.

Never Forget 9-11-01.

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