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Jihad or the Ipod?

I usually roll my eyes when a member of “The Greatest Generation” starts a sentence with, “Back in my day…”. I think that their day has passed and now it’s mine, my day. But in my day, right now, I see us as many older folks do, the first generation in American history where my day wasn’t as good as theirs. That scares me, and it should scare you too.

My first example comes from my own high school. It was September 11, 2006, the five year anniversary of 9-11. I was in a somber mood, not overly dwelling on it, but aware of the event. But to my shock many students, even one teacher were surprised to learn that the day was 9-11. They would kind of say “Oh…it is” in an “Oh well” kind of way and continue with their day. Now I have a question. Do you think that on December 7, 1946 students failed to realize the importance of that day? I highly doubt it.

These same people could rattle off lyrics to songs, birthdays of movie stars, and the anniversary of the Ipod, but can’t realize that 9-11 kind of means something. And that, I believe is our problem. This is why we are losing a major aspect of the war on terror, the youth factor. While radical Islamists are indoctrinating their kids to be the next generation of terrorists, we are teaching our kids to be the next generation of pot heads. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t watch MTV or watch movies. I’m just saying that when we get to the point where our young people can’t name the Vice President or recognize George Washington over Ronald McDonald, that something is wrong.

I don’t know what to do about that. It is kind of hard to force teens to watch the news, much less care about it. I have seen my fellow teens say the most outlandish things, and it’s because they are not educated about current events. That is why you see the 9-11 truth movement or major support from youth towards a candidate for President who has served a grand total of three years in the U.S. Senate.

But beyond all of that, I take real offence to the label so often put on my generation, “the Ipod generation”; a generation where our attention span is about ten seconds. We live in the moment in stead of thinking about the consequences ten years down the road. That is why people can say with a strait face that withdrawing from Iraq is in some way a good thing or acceptable. They don’t realize the consequences.

I look at my generation and see, at points, a generation of filth and waste, and where does our waste go-in the toilet-and that is where we’ll end up if we don’t get educated and learn about what America is all about. I find myself responding to a teen or younger people who have no idea what they’re talking about and I feel hopeless. I just have to shake my head and say “They just don’t understand.” And again I feel scared. Although I know they will understand eventually, but then it will be too late. I am afraid they will be shocked into reality by a mushroom cloud rising above an American city. That is my greatest fear; that our selfish complacency will lead to an America that is not just knocked down by a terrorist attack, but knocked completely out.


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The Liberal Plan on Terrorism

I think it’s necessary to understand the ideology of my enemies. No, I don’t mean al-Qaeda, I mean the liberal Democrat party. They have big plans for when they have control of the White House and Congress. So let’s explore their ideas for the War on Terror, abroad and here at home, through a made up yet possible terrorist attack scenario.

First, let’s say al-Qaeda gets a hold of a nuclear weapon. They would obviously want to detonate it in Manhattan. So this is where the story begins.

First on the liberal’s agenda is a withdrawal in some way from Iraq. This would obviously create a vacuum of power resulting in thousands if not millions of deaths of civilians. On top of that Iraq would become a hotbed for Iran in the south, Turkey to the North, and al-Qaeda to the west. From here al-Qaeda would have an Afghanistan like base from which they could launch an attack. So Iraq’s western province is where al-Qaeda’s nuclear weapon is shipped. Nobody would find it because there would be zero law enforcers.

The next item on the list for liberals is the closing of Quantanamo Bay. Then, many enemy combatants will be subject to the American legal system in which many of their detentions could very well be released. Let’s say one of the terror leaders is freed and books a one way ticket to…you guessed it, Iraq, where he and his cell continue work on the nuclear device.

Next on the liberal agenda is the permanent opening of the U.S.-Mexico border. With very few border agents to control a 2,000 mile border, let’s say al-Qaeda ships the nuke to Mexico. Then using some anti-American Latino gangs they smuggle the nuke into the United States.

Some of you may say, “Never fear, we will easily find the nuke here.” That may be, now. But once the liberals abolish the PATRIOT Act, law enforcement officials will be under strict rules not to enter any property without a warrant, or due suspicion.

So let’s say the nuke is then assembled and ready for use. The last piece of the puzzle is when the attack date is being set. The attack’s leader calls the Middle East to inform an al-Qaeda agent when the day is. But with the liberal’s in power, there will be no NSA eavesdropping of calls, so the call is made and not monitored.

From there, there is nothing we can do. The terrorists would most likely get the nuke to New York and detonate it. This kind of an attack would bring America to its knees. With our financial capitol gone, it would send this nation and much of the world into a deep depression, from which we may never recover.

All of this may very well happen. It may seem like a far out scenario, but it is not just a possibility, it could be underway. In a new book, “The Day of Islam”, author Paul Williams explains that al-Qaeda has already acquired nuclear devices and is aiming at the Mexican border for a way to them it in. He also explains that bin Laden has already commissioned a leader for the plot, the air-apparent to Muhammad Atta. His name is Adnan Gulshair el-Shkrijumah. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen and speaks fluent English, Arabic, and Spanish. Many government officials say he is the most dangerous person in the western world.

My point is not that liberals are evil or want a nuke to go off. I am saying that their policies would create the atmosphere where an attack is more likely. This is the main debate in this country. How do you balance civil rights and national security? My point is again, not to say I want all people stripped of their civil liberties, but to point out that civil liberties are meaningless when you are dead. All of this is why the liberal policies invoked by Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama need to be challenged and defeated. And that’s all I want, either they see the error in their deeds, or they need to be marginalized.

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