Will We Remember Them?

From: 9-1-06

Kristion Menchaca, 21 years old. Thomas L. Tucker, 25 years old. Ring a bell?

Oh, how quickly we forget. If anyone cares to remember these two brave men who were kidnapped, had numerous body parts cut off, and then dumped on a dessert road in June. I feel like I am the only one still outraged over this. I don’t think people realize what these men went through. Their eyes, hearts, heads, and genitals were sawed off by these bastards. And the Supreme Court wants to give Geneva Convention rights to the very men who do that to United States soldiers in uniform? People would tell me to stop talking about it and focus on Jon Bennet Ramsey. No, I will not forget. I’ll do my best not to let you forget what these thugs did to two of our boys over there. This is exactly why we need to be in Iraq. Because people like that are there. They are lurking on every sandy road in the Middle East and we should not rest until every one of them is either in a 6 X 8 cell (with zero Geneva rights) or six feet under.

I didn’t see outrage when it happened. The story has basically been forgotten. It was top story for one day and then no word since. Why don’t we remind the American people about what happened to our boys in uniform? No we must have something else to talk about right? No Jon Bennet, or a tropical depression, or even good old Tom Cruise is more important. But we don’t have time to drum up the past about brave soldiers.

I’m not letting the President off the hook either. Frankly, I didn’t here him outraged either. Also, there was no severe military slap down after this horrific event. We sat by and seemed to just give up. Maybe journalists may not enrage you, or even contractors, but the kidnapping of two American soldiers and the brutal torture of them makes me want to strap on a flak jacket, get a gun and head over there.

If I ever need motivation for an article, I turn to the planes slamming in to the World Trade Center or the pictures of those two brave men. In fact this whole article was fueled by me looking up in my picture archives and finding their photos. The photo was of a woman holding a sign of the two men and asking the question that real Americans want answered, “Where are their Geneva Convention Rights?” I would love to see the Supreme Court’s answer to that.


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