Stanford Soldiers?

From: 10-31-2006

In the 1960’s after John Kerry came back from Vietnam he and others couldn’t wait to get the call from Congress and spew lies in front of the world about the men and women who fought along side them. And surprise, surprise Kerry and his buddies are doing it again.

Sen. Kerry, in what he calls a failed joke, said Monday that if you educate yourself you’ll be successful and if you don’t you’ll be stuck in Iraq. Basically he is implying that the troops on the ground protected his rich behind are dumb. The President and any other rational person were “How dare he”. First he goes on Face the Nation and alleges that the troops are terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. Then today he’s calls them stupid. Homicidal and dumb is Kerry’s way of describing our troops, while real Americans would call them heroic, brave, and smart.

But the rationale behind Kerry and other folks who compare Iraq to Vietnam is very hard to understand. Maybe he didn’t like the food over there. Or maybe they weren’t finished bashing Vietnam, it ended too quickly for them. So from Vietnam on they characterize any armed conflict where one U.S. soldier dies as Vietnam II. It’s C.V.S., Compulsive Vietnam Syndrome. The notion that if a gun is fired, it’s Vietnam is the main symptom of this syndrome. John Kerry first caught and spread this disease that has run ramped over the Democratic Party.

So if John Kerry wants to make believe that any war vet is in imbecile, then look in the mirror. If John Kerry wants to believe that the U.S. Military is homicidal, then look at all the purple fingers in Iraq. If he didn’t like the Vietnamese food he should put some ketchup on it. And if John Kerry doesn’t support our troops then he should get the heck out of this country.


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