Rally on the Home Front

From: June 27, 2006

It’s been almost five years since the United States was attacked on 9-11. It’s been almost five years since this country vowed to never forget. So why on earth has 1/3 of this country acted like it is still September 10th?

Now obviously it is a very different world we live in after 9-11 but many politicians and some citizens have seemed to have forgotten their vow. Politicians and citizens have pure hatred for the leader of this country. They hate President Bush more than they hate Osama bin Laden. Now it is a fact that the people at the heart of the Presidential hatred are members of the Democratic Party. They will do anything to get a cheap shot at the Commander in Chief.

The solution is simply to rally America. Do you remember the patriotism, and the nationalism of the days after 9-11? That’s what we need again. We need to rally this country. There were two of our soldiers tortured and killed brutally and I had to find out what they went through from a talk show, not the mainstream media. These soldiers had their genitalia cut off and forcefully shoved into their mouths. Their eyes were literally cut out of their sockets by these S.O.B.’s. And then the terrorists literally cut the two men open and cut into their heart. They were dead within minuets but then they beheaded them and laid them on the side of a dessert road. And on top of it all, they justified it under the religion of peace.

I have another question for NBC. Why won’t you help fulfill the vow to never forget? All they do is report on killings like they’re reporting from the DNC to whisk Hillary into office. Play the footage of planes slamming into the World Trade Center. Show the people at home who we are fighting against. NBC may hide behind the emotional aspect, but the truth is they want you to forget because the more you forget, the more you help their agenda of Bush-bashing.

The truth is clear. If we don’t rally this country in supporting our troops, we will lose. We cannot win a war when you hate your country. The liberal agenda will bring down America. It has already torn down the war in Iraq. Everybody says Bush lied to us. Well if we don’t start knowing our enemy and stop pandering for politics then that vow we made on September 12th, 2001 will become null in void.


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