From: June 24, 2006

We have a serious problem in our country. It is not the so called war mongers in the White House. And it’s not the so called war criminals in the Pentagon. It is the liberal newspapers that time and again compromise the national security of the United States.

These papers have broken stories your not suppose to break. They have known about things that they shouldn’t have known about. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and numerous others have first, slandered the Commander in Chief so much that no one believes in a vital war being waged in Iraq. Then they go hunting for any story, any leak they can plug and use it to slander the President even more. But what these papers apparently haven’t figured out is that terrorists do look at the New York Times. I’ll even bet more terrorists read that paper than Americans. Because it is filled with the latest unnamed source or the latest secret government program that terrorists use to plan the war on the west.

What these papers haven’t figured out yet is, guess what: There are things in the government that average Joe’s aren’t suppose to know about. There are tons of programs and prisons that we shouldn’t know about and do you know why? It’s because war is not pretty. It’s not nice, it’s not clean. War usually gets messy and if the public knows everything, then not only will war opinion be destroyed, but all these secrets are out there for the terrorists to see. As a former soldier at D-Day said, “If there were imbedded reporters at the D-Day invasion, we wouldn’t have won World War II.”

It starts with the NSA wiretapping of TERRORISTS calling the U.S. from another country. To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s behind if the government wants to know if I’m having Taco Bell for lunch, or I’m meeting my Mom at the grocery store. And now more allegations from secret sources that tell more about our prison tactics and our intelligence gathering. But yet again the New York Times is so consumed with Bush hate, that they would compromise our military, our government, and themselves, just to get a pot shot at President Bush.

It’s come to the point that I turn on the news when Zarqauwi was killed and I see the But…Monkey brigade out in full force. “Zarquawi was important but it doesn’t mean we’re winning.” So any sane person would come to realize this fact: If it’s good for America it’s bad for the New York Times.

But one more fact. If God forbid we have another attack, the attacker won’t look at the “R” or the “D” next to your name or your status in society because we are all the infidels to them. They aren’t consumed with politics, why are we. But if there is another attack, I would put down good money that the attacker was fueled by the Guantanemo pictures that were leaked out. Or they didn’t make that phone call overseas because they knew we were listening. But if there is another attack, at least the New York Times got that pot shot in, even if they sacrificed their lives to do it.


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