A Note About America

Just for Thanksgiving, here’s a notefrom me about our great country…

The United States of America has been a country for 230+ years and in that time our country has been attacked numerous times and numerous wars have ensued. We’ve been through a civil war, a war with Nazism, Communism, and terrorism. And we’ve faced down them all for the sake of the good and the free.

Some may doubt our noble intentions in the world, but if not for America the world would be ruled by Nazis, or Communists, or numerous other fascist entities. But thank God the United States was there, saving the world from the most evil regimes, and freeing millions from the grips of fascism, slavery, and torture. Those noble actions have never ceased in our 230 years of existence, and they won’t in the near future, because the U.S.A. stands for all that is right and good in the world today.

And how dare a foreigner or an American citizen, above all, question our intentions. America is the last greatest hope for planet Earth, and I’ll be damned if I have to listen to someone tell me otherwise. For our rights, our responsibilities, and our freedom, the United States of America is without a doubt the greatest beacon for peace, hope, and justice in this world. So tonight when you go to bed, think of the men and women that have died for you and for the people across the world that are fighting and dying for you right now; and thank God to be an American. I know I am.

The Teen Conservative


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