9-11: Five Years Later

From: 9-11-2006

Five years ago today 19 Radical Muslims declared war on the United States on behalf of an anti-freedom agenda. They did not just declare war on the U.S.; they declared war on freedom of speech, thought, and religion. Since the United States is the brightest and best country for freedom in the world, they struck us. But we struck back with the full force of the United States military.

The patriotism and nationalism displayed in the weeks after 9-11 gave us a sense that wherever we are, whatever occupation we have, even what ethnicity we were; we were all Americans first. Five years later we’re back to the hyphenated Americans. Asian-American, or Mexican-American, or African-American. We lost our sense of Americanism.
We need more Americans who have more loyalty to their nation than to their skin color, black or white; we should all be Americans first. Until America turns fascistic, we need to trust that our country is the best country on the face of the planet and those who don’t believe that shouldn’t lead us. They have no place in America. If we are not the best hope for the world, who is? I admit we are not perfect, but who is?

If the terrorists declared war on everyone who loves freedom then we should declare war on those that hate it. We declared war on whoever chanted praises for the attack. We declared war on anyone who even smirked as Americans died. But a lot of politicians are still thinking that an America divided somehow moves us forward. But all that view point does is push America backwards, even when we are freeing a nation at this very moment. As President Reagan said “The American people will not accept the notion that we can only make a better world for others by moving backward ourselves; and those who believe we can have no business leading this nation.”


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