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A Note About America

Just for Thanksgiving, here’s a notefrom me about our great country…

The United States of America has been a country for 230+ years and in that time our country has been attacked numerous times and numerous wars have ensued. We’ve been through a civil war, a war with Nazism, Communism, and terrorism. And we’ve faced down them all for the sake of the good and the free.

Some may doubt our noble intentions in the world, but if not for America the world would be ruled by Nazis, or Communists, or numerous other fascist entities. But thank God the United States was there, saving the world from the most evil regimes, and freeing millions from the grips of fascism, slavery, and torture. Those noble actions have never ceased in our 230 years of existence, and they won’t in the near future, because the U.S.A. stands for all that is right and good in the world today.

And how dare a foreigner or an American citizen, above all, question our intentions. America is the last greatest hope for planet Earth, and I’ll be damned if I have to listen to someone tell me otherwise. For our rights, our responsibilities, and our freedom, the United States of America is without a doubt the greatest beacon for peace, hope, and justice in this world. So tonight when you go to bed, think of the men and women that have died for you and for the people across the world that are fighting and dying for you right now; and thank God to be an American. I know I am.

The Teen Conservative


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Stanford Soldiers?

From: 10-31-2006

In the 1960’s after John Kerry came back from Vietnam he and others couldn’t wait to get the call from Congress and spew lies in front of the world about the men and women who fought along side them. And surprise, surprise Kerry and his buddies are doing it again.

Sen. Kerry, in what he calls a failed joke, said Monday that if you educate yourself you’ll be successful and if you don’t you’ll be stuck in Iraq. Basically he is implying that the troops on the ground protected his rich behind are dumb. The President and any other rational person were “How dare he”. First he goes on Face the Nation and alleges that the troops are terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. Then today he’s calls them stupid. Homicidal and dumb is Kerry’s way of describing our troops, while real Americans would call them heroic, brave, and smart.

But the rationale behind Kerry and other folks who compare Iraq to Vietnam is very hard to understand. Maybe he didn’t like the food over there. Or maybe they weren’t finished bashing Vietnam, it ended too quickly for them. So from Vietnam on they characterize any armed conflict where one U.S. soldier dies as Vietnam II. It’s C.V.S., Compulsive Vietnam Syndrome. The notion that if a gun is fired, it’s Vietnam is the main symptom of this syndrome. John Kerry first caught and spread this disease that has run ramped over the Democratic Party.

So if John Kerry wants to make believe that any war vet is in imbecile, then look in the mirror. If John Kerry wants to believe that the U.S. Military is homicidal, then look at all the purple fingers in Iraq. If he didn’t like the Vietnamese food he should put some ketchup on it. And if John Kerry doesn’t support our troops then he should get the heck out of this country.

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9-11: Five Years Later

From: 9-11-2006

Five years ago today 19 Radical Muslims declared war on the United States on behalf of an anti-freedom agenda. They did not just declare war on the U.S.; they declared war on freedom of speech, thought, and religion. Since the United States is the brightest and best country for freedom in the world, they struck us. But we struck back with the full force of the United States military.

The patriotism and nationalism displayed in the weeks after 9-11 gave us a sense that wherever we are, whatever occupation we have, even what ethnicity we were; we were all Americans first. Five years later we’re back to the hyphenated Americans. Asian-American, or Mexican-American, or African-American. We lost our sense of Americanism.
We need more Americans who have more loyalty to their nation than to their skin color, black or white; we should all be Americans first. Until America turns fascistic, we need to trust that our country is the best country on the face of the planet and those who don’t believe that shouldn’t lead us. They have no place in America. If we are not the best hope for the world, who is? I admit we are not perfect, but who is?

If the terrorists declared war on everyone who loves freedom then we should declare war on those that hate it. We declared war on whoever chanted praises for the attack. We declared war on anyone who even smirked as Americans died. But a lot of politicians are still thinking that an America divided somehow moves us forward. But all that view point does is push America backwards, even when we are freeing a nation at this very moment. As President Reagan said “The American people will not accept the notion that we can only make a better world for others by moving backward ourselves; and those who believe we can have no business leading this nation.”

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Will We Remember Them?

From: 9-1-06

Kristion Menchaca, 21 years old. Thomas L. Tucker, 25 years old. Ring a bell?

Oh, how quickly we forget. If anyone cares to remember these two brave men who were kidnapped, had numerous body parts cut off, and then dumped on a dessert road in June. I feel like I am the only one still outraged over this. I don’t think people realize what these men went through. Their eyes, hearts, heads, and genitals were sawed off by these bastards. And the Supreme Court wants to give Geneva Convention rights to the very men who do that to United States soldiers in uniform? People would tell me to stop talking about it and focus on Jon Bennet Ramsey. No, I will not forget. I’ll do my best not to let you forget what these thugs did to two of our boys over there. This is exactly why we need to be in Iraq. Because people like that are there. They are lurking on every sandy road in the Middle East and we should not rest until every one of them is either in a 6 X 8 cell (with zero Geneva rights) or six feet under.

I didn’t see outrage when it happened. The story has basically been forgotten. It was top story for one day and then no word since. Why don’t we remind the American people about what happened to our boys in uniform? No we must have something else to talk about right? No Jon Bennet, or a tropical depression, or even good old Tom Cruise is more important. But we don’t have time to drum up the past about brave soldiers.

I’m not letting the President off the hook either. Frankly, I didn’t here him outraged either. Also, there was no severe military slap down after this horrific event. We sat by and seemed to just give up. Maybe journalists may not enrage you, or even contractors, but the kidnapping of two American soldiers and the brutal torture of them makes me want to strap on a flak jacket, get a gun and head over there.

If I ever need motivation for an article, I turn to the planes slamming in to the World Trade Center or the pictures of those two brave men. In fact this whole article was fueled by me looking up in my picture archives and finding their photos. The photo was of a woman holding a sign of the two men and asking the question that real Americans want answered, “Where are their Geneva Convention Rights?” I would love to see the Supreme Court’s answer to that.

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Rally on the Home Front

From: June 27, 2006

It’s been almost five years since the United States was attacked on 9-11. It’s been almost five years since this country vowed to never forget. So why on earth has 1/3 of this country acted like it is still September 10th?

Now obviously it is a very different world we live in after 9-11 but many politicians and some citizens have seemed to have forgotten their vow. Politicians and citizens have pure hatred for the leader of this country. They hate President Bush more than they hate Osama bin Laden. Now it is a fact that the people at the heart of the Presidential hatred are members of the Democratic Party. They will do anything to get a cheap shot at the Commander in Chief.

The solution is simply to rally America. Do you remember the patriotism, and the nationalism of the days after 9-11? That’s what we need again. We need to rally this country. There were two of our soldiers tortured and killed brutally and I had to find out what they went through from a talk show, not the mainstream media. These soldiers had their genitalia cut off and forcefully shoved into their mouths. Their eyes were literally cut out of their sockets by these S.O.B.’s. And then the terrorists literally cut the two men open and cut into their heart. They were dead within minuets but then they beheaded them and laid them on the side of a dessert road. And on top of it all, they justified it under the religion of peace.

I have another question for NBC. Why won’t you help fulfill the vow to never forget? All they do is report on killings like they’re reporting from the DNC to whisk Hillary into office. Play the footage of planes slamming into the World Trade Center. Show the people at home who we are fighting against. NBC may hide behind the emotional aspect, but the truth is they want you to forget because the more you forget, the more you help their agenda of Bush-bashing.

The truth is clear. If we don’t rally this country in supporting our troops, we will lose. We cannot win a war when you hate your country. The liberal agenda will bring down America. It has already torn down the war in Iraq. Everybody says Bush lied to us. Well if we don’t start knowing our enemy and stop pandering for politics then that vow we made on September 12th, 2001 will become null in void.

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From: June 24, 2006

We have a serious problem in our country. It is not the so called war mongers in the White House. And it’s not the so called war criminals in the Pentagon. It is the liberal newspapers that time and again compromise the national security of the United States.

These papers have broken stories your not suppose to break. They have known about things that they shouldn’t have known about. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and numerous others have first, slandered the Commander in Chief so much that no one believes in a vital war being waged in Iraq. Then they go hunting for any story, any leak they can plug and use it to slander the President even more. But what these papers apparently haven’t figured out is that terrorists do look at the New York Times. I’ll even bet more terrorists read that paper than Americans. Because it is filled with the latest unnamed source or the latest secret government program that terrorists use to plan the war on the west.

What these papers haven’t figured out yet is, guess what: There are things in the government that average Joe’s aren’t suppose to know about. There are tons of programs and prisons that we shouldn’t know about and do you know why? It’s because war is not pretty. It’s not nice, it’s not clean. War usually gets messy and if the public knows everything, then not only will war opinion be destroyed, but all these secrets are out there for the terrorists to see. As a former soldier at D-Day said, “If there were imbedded reporters at the D-Day invasion, we wouldn’t have won World War II.”

It starts with the NSA wiretapping of TERRORISTS calling the U.S. from another country. To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s behind if the government wants to know if I’m having Taco Bell for lunch, or I’m meeting my Mom at the grocery store. And now more allegations from secret sources that tell more about our prison tactics and our intelligence gathering. But yet again the New York Times is so consumed with Bush hate, that they would compromise our military, our government, and themselves, just to get a pot shot at President Bush.

It’s come to the point that I turn on the news when Zarqauwi was killed and I see the But…Monkey brigade out in full force. “Zarquawi was important but it doesn’t mean we’re winning.” So any sane person would come to realize this fact: If it’s good for America it’s bad for the New York Times.

But one more fact. If God forbid we have another attack, the attacker won’t look at the “R” or the “D” next to your name or your status in society because we are all the infidels to them. They aren’t consumed with politics, why are we. But if there is another attack, I would put down good money that the attacker was fueled by the Guantanemo pictures that were leaked out. Or they didn’t make that phone call overseas because they knew we were listening. But if there is another attack, at least the New York Times got that pot shot in, even if they sacrificed their lives to do it.

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The Fair, the Balanced, and Corrupt Nimrod News (CNN)

From: 3-21-2006

Over 2300 soldiers dead in Iraq and over $30 billion later where are we really? Now if I were working for the New York Times I’d be throwing out death tolls and casualties to prove that the President of the United States is a liar and a warmonger. Instead let me tell you something more positive than death, casualties, lying, and misleading statements. How about instead of 2300 dead how about zero people dead in the U.S. from another terrorist attack. How about a country that was decimated by a dictator for a quarter century and now is able to hold a free election. How about free Iraqis opening businesses in a free-enterprise system. I don’t know about you, but have you heard a lot about that in the past three years?

Like it or not the mainstream media has a liberal bias!!! That may be a shocker to some of you but here is the proof. How about Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Bob Scheifer throws Russ Feingold, or John Kerry, or Howard Dean softball questions and when the Vice-President is on he constantly interjects and interrupts to shoot down a point. On Tuesday on NBC’s “Today Show” James Karville, a democratic strategist gets the first and the last word in a debate with the conservative Laura Ingraham. That only scratches the surface of the tilting of the Iraq war to the left.

There is a reason why Fox News Channel shows consistently beat CNN in the ratings, three words-Fair and Balanced. Fox puts the Iraq war in a different perspective. When they do have an opinion they have another guest on who balances the opinion. Is really that hard to be fair?

The mainstream media has some basic rules of thumb from 2000-2009…

· Pres. Bush stole the 2000 election.
· If the President looks good suppress it or spin it.
· The war in Iraq is a failure.
· Report from Baghdad balconies, not in the dessert with the troops.
· Most important-Hillary ‘08!!!

Do you see what the Democratic Party is becoming? Their philosophy is one of bitter vengeance for Bush winning in 2000. They still can’t get over that. Pardon the theft from but, well, MOVE ON!! Get on with your political career and wait until 2008.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the far left. Unfortunately so has the mainstream media. But the only thing people can here from Iraq now is the blood-curdling scream from Howard Dean, and you know what I’m talkin’ about!!

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